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Chapter 14:John Steinbeck Part II (in Hindi)
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Discussion on The Grapes of Wrath & The Pearl

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

Unacademy user
i haven't studied static part except laxmikant, so i am unable to relate current topics, should i make notes of current affairs after completing static part so that i can understand what to note or what not?
Good evening sir... I want say thank you first to you to make informative videos as you ask what more we should add in it, sir these videos full of information but I think u should add in it it's influence and with whom they are taken and whom they affected too... so that we can gain full information...
Sourabh agarwal
a year ago
Thanks a lot dear for kind words of appreciation... You have given very valuable suggestion, with limitations of time, I would try to incorporate things you suggested... Please continue your spirited support and active participation
Neel Upadhyay
a year ago
sure Sir 🙏😊 and please try to make videos on the topics that's related to Net exam so that by your videos we can revise fast...
Neel Upadhyay
a year ago
sir make a video on William Blake and his important works too please

  2. JOHN STEINBECK 1902-1968

  3. THE GRAPESWRATH The Pearl John Steinbeck

  4. THE GRAPES OF WRATH 1939 The last of the Dustbowl Trilogy, it is considered as Steinbeck's greatest work. o Set in Oklahoma during the Great Depression, drought and dust storms, it vividly presents the pitiable condition of migrant workers Tom Joad, a young farmer is returning home after been just released from the prison after four years serving for a homicide charge On the way back to his home, he meets Jim Casy, an ex preacher who now believes equality as the highest human ideal

  5. As they reach home, Muley Graves land owners have evicted all the workers and that Tom can find his fanmily at Undle john, brother of his father Pa Jones. However, reaching at their uncle's home they find that the family is ready to depart to California in search of work. Traveling once again, they befriend another migrant couple Ivy and Sairy Wilson. John's Granpa dies of sickness but they continue their journey. At the border of California, Wilson had to leave the group because of Ivy's sickness. Tom's brother Noah also decides to stay there to try his uck .

  6. When they reach California, they come to realize the general hatred towards 'Okies' and also scarcity of job opportunities. Once again travelling through a desert, they lose Tom's Granma and finally take shelter in a camp city managed by corrupt officials. Here Connie Rivers, husband of Tom's sister, Rose of Sharon also forsakes the group. There is a tussle between officials and Tom regarding wages after which Tom flees and Casy takes the blame on himself and gets arrested. The Joads now take shelter in a government run camp which is better managed and here Tom finds some work. . .

  7. .Tom discovers that the farmer association is planning a riot in the upcoming dance that will force the officials to close the camp and thus reducing the bargain powers of the workers. However Tom averts this coup and the camp is saved. Not able to find any job, the Joads start to work at peach picking site where the other workers are on the strike. Tom discovers that it is Casy who is behind the strike and as he joins him, the police attacks the crowd. An officer kills Casy with Pickaxe and infuriated, Tom kills the officer and runs away.

  8. The Joads now start working at cotton picking and living in a box car while Tom hides in a nearby wilderness. ' Tom younger brother Al gets engaged with a girl from the house where they work and everything seems to settle down a bit. However, one day as Joads are about to take Rose to the hospital, a torrential rain come and prevent them. Rose gives birth to a still born child and the family leaves the box car to escape the coming flood. As they take shelter in a barn, they see a young boy with a starving old man. Rose sends her family away and breast feeds the old man.

  9. THE PEARL 1947 The novella tells story of Kino, a pearl diver, his wife Juana and their infant son Coyotito. A scorpion stings Coyotito but the doctor denies any medication due to their inability to pay. Next morning, kino finds the biggest pearl he has ever seen and the whole neighborhood start to rejoice in this fortunate discovery. Even the local preist and the doctor now come to their house and the doctor administers some medicine to the ailing boy. Kino is worried about the safety of pearl as in the night there is an attempt of burglary which leaves Kino wounded. Upset by these happenings, Juana asks her to throw away the pearl which for her is an agent of evil. . .

  10. As Kino and Juana go to the town to sell the pearl, Kino's brother Juan Tom s advises him to be wary of the cheats. Ever buyer in the town tries to buy the pearl on the minimum value. Kino decides to try his luck at the capital while Juana once again asks her to forsake the pearl. Later that night, Juana takes the pearl in order to throw it back, however Kino chases her, beats her mercilessly and takes back the pearl. As he returns, he is attacked by a group and in the ensuing tussle the pearl is dropped and a man is killed by Kino. As Juana returns, she finds the pearl and gives it back to Kino and warns him that he would be accused of murder and they decide to flee. . . .