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Chapter 15: John Steinbeck Part III (in Hindi)
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Discussion of East of Eden & The Winter of our Discontent

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  2. JOHN STEINBECK 1902-1968

  3. STEINBECK STEINBECK EAST The Winter of Our Discontent OF EDEN

  4. EAST OF EDEN 1952 It is an allegory based on biblical story of Cain and Abel and presents two generations of brothers as they battle between good and evil. . The novel begins in the late 1800's in the salinas valley and we are introduced to the Hamiltons. Samuel, and his wife Liza are Irish immigrants who raise their family, including nine children, with hard work. Another couple Adam Trask, with his pregnant wife Cathy settles here and Adam becomes friends with Samuel Hamilton. Adam has a younger brother Charles who, opposite to Adam's peaceful disposition, is dark and sinister. . .Their father has left them both large sums of money.

  5. Charles disapproves of brother's marriage to cathy, who actually is a former prostitute. She has in fact murdered her parents and stolen their money. Even though Charles hates Cathy, he beds her on her wedding night after she drugs Adam. But Adam doesn't know the reality of her character. Adam employs Chinese-American Lee as a cook and housekeeper and Hamilton also functions as his guide and mentor. Cathy wants to abort however, she gives birth to twins, Aron and Caleb. . . .

  6. Dissatisfied with her current life, she shoots Adam, leaves him the twins and moves to a town where she resumes her work as prostitute. er tries to hide the factb just an accident. o Here she murders the brothel's owner and takes over the brothel. She renames herself Kate and starts to blackmail her high profile clients. Adam on the other hand with the help of scholarly minded Lee raises his children keeping them in total oblivion of their mother. Encouraged by Hamilton and Adam, Lee researches the Cain and Abel biblical story and gives the novel's central concept of timshet ("thou mayest")

  7. As they grow older, Aron and Cal vie for their father's affection and Cal thinks that his father loves Aron more. In fact he initially is like her mother and indulge in many vices. He is also jealous of Abra Bacon, the girl who loves Aron. However, when Abra realises that Aron is inclined towards religion, her affection turns towards Cal. Before dying, Samuel tells Adam the truth about Cathy, Adam visits her at her brothel. Though she tries to seduce him, But Adam walks out with a peace of mind. When Cal finally discovers the truth about his mother, he starts to believe that her evil has been passed down to him .

  8. However, with the encouragement of Lee, Cal tries to become more like Aron. While Aron is away for higher education, Adam squanders his money in some poor business deal. In an attempt to gain his father's love, Cal decides to go into business but he resorts to some shady tactics to gain much profits. When he offers the money to Adam, he reacts violently when he learns that Cal took unfair advantage of farmers during war-time in an effort to make the money. In a rage, Cal tell the truth about their mother to Aron and even takes him to visit the brothel .

  9. This gives great emotional shock to Aron, who joins army and is killed. Cathy, after seeing Aron also commits suicide. Adam suffers a heart attack and when guilt ridden Cal comes to him to the final blessings, Adam utters "timshel" as Cal realizes that he is not predestined to live a life of evil, but has the free will to choose goodness and morality.

  10. The Winter of Our Discontent 1961 . This is the last of Steinbeck novels and the title is derived from the first two lines of William Shakespeare's Richard Ill. It is the story of Ethan Allen Hawley who once enjoyed great wealth and social status, but now works as a clerk at a grocery store his family once owned. Though he is basically an honest men, but egged on by his friends and family, he decides to anyhow restore his fortune. He plans to rob a bank; to turn his illegal immigrant boss over to the authorities in order to purchase the store; and to possess a plot of land away from his drunkard friend, Danny Taylor.