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Chapter 23:Eugene O'Neill Part III (in Hindi)
29 plays

Discussion on Desire Under the Elms & Strange Interludes

Sourabh agarwal
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  2. EUGENE O'NEILL 1888-1953


  4. Desire Under the Elms 1924 One of those plays by O' Neill in which he attempts to incorporates elements of Greek Tragedy to rural New England setting. It was inspired by the myth of Phaedra, Hippolytus, and Theseus. The setting of the play is a New England farmhouse in 1850 which has two great drooping elms frame the house. Eben Cabot and his half-brothers, Simeon and Peter, all vie for the farmland. Eben hates his father Ephraim Cabot as he thinks his claim is strongest because his mother died working on the farm o

  5. Eben thinks that his father was responsible for his mothers' untimely death and his half brothers also not supported her. That evening, Eben informs them that their father is returning home with a new wife and it is assumed the land will go to her. They decide to sell their land share to Eben and move to California to seek their fortune in gold mines. . Abbie Putnam, the quite younger new wife is drawn to the good looks of Eben but he hates her. As time passes, Eben becomes confused about his struggling passion of her.

  6. . Abbie, frustrated by his lukewarm response, complains to Cabot that Ebel tried to flirt with her. However, she also restrains him from threatening his son. . However, both Ebel and Abbie finally give in to their carnal passion and aftera passionate relationship Abbie gives birth to his son. As Cabot throws a party in darkness about the true parentage of the boy, townspeople gossip about it. .Cabot asks Ebel to soon get married to have a share of land and that the land is now for Abbie and his son. Ebel thinks that Abbie has just used him to get an inheritor in order to possess the land.

  7. There is a physical altercation between Cabot and Eben and when Abbie tries to intervene, he pushes her aside When inside, he says that how much he hates her for her mechanisms. Abbie denies any ulterior motive but Eben refuses to listen to anything. He decides to go to California to earn money and purchase the land, Abbie resolves to earn his love once again. Considering the baby to be the root cause, Abbie smothers the baby and tells Eben about it.

  8. Horrified, he says that he will inform the police. She is indifferent as she only wants his love. When Cabot comes downstairs, Abbie tells him about the death and the real parentage of the child. Cabot also wants to go to the Sheriff and Abbie tells him that Eben has already gone there. However, when Eben returns he says that he will take blame for the murder for he also loves Abbie too much. Cabot is disgusted by this.

  9. Cabot also plans to go to California giving up the farm; he wants to burn the whole thing down. But soon he realizes that Eben has given saved money to Simeon and Peter and as such he has to stay. The Sheriff comes to arrest Abbie and Eben saying that he is also guilty accompanies her. The Sheriff remarks on how beautiful a farm it is, and how he wished he owned it

  10. Strange Interlude 1928 Winner of the Pulitzer prize, this play was quite long with Nine acts and still was very successful. It covers a period of twenty-five years and centres on Nina Leeds, a passionate, tormented woman who is searching for an always-elusive happiness. . Nina, after the death of her fianc e Gordon, decides to serve as a nurse at a sanatorium for wounded soldiers as opposed to her father, A professor wishes. Sam Evans and Ned Darrell are two contenders for Nina's love but she is unable to feel any emotion. She has been giving her body to the wounded soldiers and now being guilty she consents to marry Evans after the advice of her guardian Marsden.

  11. At the 11th birthday of her son Gordon, Nina begs Darrell to leave from there sense Gordon doesn between them. Almost 10 years later, during a college rowing race, Marsden in a drunken state confesses his love for Nina, Nina wants to tell Evans the truth about Gordon's parentage but Darrell stops her and Evans suffers a stroke. Nina also wants Darrell to stop Gordon from marrying Madeline. Several months later, Evans has died. After Gordon leaves, Darrell asks Nina to marry him, but she says no. Instead, she asks Marsden to marry her and he says yes.