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Chapter 12: Tennessee Williams Part III (in Hindi)
34 plays

Discussion of Sweet Bird of Youth & The Night of Iguana

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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  4. SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH (1959) An expanded version of Williams's one-act play The Enemy: Time (1959) Princess Kosmonopolis (the alias of aging actress Alexandra del Lago), and lover, Chance Wayne, has travelled to Chance's Southern hometown, St. Cloud, Florida. while staying in a hotel, Chance comes to know that he is unwelcome to his hometown because of his past. When Chance tells his friend Scudder that he wants to see his mother and his girlfriend, Heavenly Finley, Scudder reveals that his mother has passed away and that something has happened to Heavenly. Scudder also warns Chance that he had better leave town before Heavenly's father and brother come after him. He also tells Chance that he himself is engaged to be married to Heavenly

  5. As the Princess wakes up, she can't remember where she is and even doesn't recognize Chance. Eventually, she remembers that on the night of her last movie's premiere, she became nervous of the failure and since then she has been running from one place to other, drinking heavily and smoking hashish to forget that her career has come to a harsh end. Chance records her drugged confessions with a view to blackmail and asks her to call her studio and tell them that she has found two actors to star in a movie about youth Chance actually want to become a famous actor so that he can return to St. Cloud and convince Boss Heavenly to approve his marriage with his daughter. However, due to lack of success, Chance has had to resort to working as a gigolo, sleeping with wealthy older women. . . . .

  6. Wanting Chance removed from town, Boss Finley asks his son, Tom Junior to do anything to finish the task. Boss Finley asks Heavenly her to accompany him onstage at a political rally. In a confrontation with Tom, Chance admits that he knew he had STD which he passed to Heavenly due to their sexual relationship. As a result, Scudder had to perform an operation on Heavenly that left her sterile. . At the political rally, Heckler, an adversary of Boss, reveals about Heavenly's secret operation. Which causes mayhem, and people start to savagely beat him. Suddenly Alexandra learns from her agent Walter Winchell that her film is a huge success and that she is once more in demand.

  7. As the Princess excitedly gets ready to leave, she asks Chance to accompany her. However he refuses, she finally leaves. Waiting to meet Tom and his goons, Chance says, "I don't ask for your pity, but just for your understanding-not even that-no. Just for your recognition of me in you, and the enemy, time, in us all."

  8. THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA (1961) The play centres on a defrocked former minister, Lawrence T. Shannon, who has been barred from his church after defaming God. The play opens up in Puerto Barrio, Mexico and takes place on a verandah of a Bohemian hotel located in the middle of a jungle. The hotel is owned by Maxine Faulk, a recent widow in her forties. She is having a sexual affair with her Latino employee Pedro and also flirting with guests. Larry Shannon is staying at this hotel working as a tour guide and seems more interested in seducing young women on the tours. Miss Judith Fellowes, a member of present tourist group berates Shannon for allegedly having sex with a 17 years old girl. e

  9. Hannah Jelkes, and her grandfather, Nonno, come to stay at the hotel and attracted by Hannah's beauty, Shannon agrees to pay for them. When Charlotte, the girl with whom Shannon is accused of making sexual relationship wants to counter him, he tries to hide in Hannah's workplace. Shannon confesses to Hannah his past misdeeds as the priest that includes calling God a senile delinquent, however, Faulk warns Hannah about her proximity with Shannon. Faulk informs Shannon about her intention of selling out and moving to the United States, she also tells him that she has some idea about his troubled childhood.

  10. However a representative from Blake Tours, Jake Latta, arrives and informs that Shannon is fired. :Shannon suffers a mental breakdown and is tied down by the hotel employees. Hannah, who herself had been a victim of depression, advises Shannon about how to deal it. Rejecting his offer to accompany, Hannah, however, warns him about the jealous nature of Faulk. .