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Chapter 2: J M Coetzee (in Hindi)
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Discussion of J M Coetzee's Life and Times of Michael K & Disgrace

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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sir jodne se achcha to 117 ko 2 se divide krenge aur remainder lete jaynge...

  2. J.M. Coetzee (1940-)

  3. . Born in South Africa First writer to win prestigious Booker price twice. He first won Booker in 1983 for Life & Times of Michael K and then for Disgrace in 1999 the second South African, after Nadine Gordimer, to win Nobel Prize in 200:3

  4. Novels Dusklands (1974) In the Heart of the Country (1977) Waiting for the Barbarians (1980) Life & Times of Michael K (1983) Foe (1986) reworking of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe Age of Iron (1990) Disgrace (1999) Diary of a Bad Year (2007) Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life (1997) Autobiography Youth: Scenes from Provincial Life II (2002) Summertime (2009)

  5. Life and Times of Michael K The novel is divided into three sections. It is about the eponymous hero Michael K, and his difficult childhood and dangerous journey from Cape Town to the rural. Michael's mother is a housekeeper at a wealthy family and they are living peacefully However, a civil war breaks out as there is a rebellion against the apartheid regime. Because of the strict martial law, Micahael decides to flee the town and to take his sick mother to the small town of Prince Albert.

  6. He makes a rickshaw and starts a journey towards the hometown. . However the mother dies and he decides to take the ashes to that town The poli e detains him for taek of due papers and he is assigned a work at a railway track. After finishing his work, he starts his journey again and reaches the town. He stays there for some time, but dissatisfied, leaves the place to explore the mountains. Soon he is again arrested by the police and is sent to work in a camp.

  7. . There is a rebellion in the town and Michael hides himself in a garden. There he builds a shade for himself. He is once again arrested by the police and is taken to a rehabilitation camp where a doctor becomes fond of him taking him to be an innocent person. He escapes from the camp and joins a group of nomads and wanders with them. He has his first sexual experience with a woman from the group and with awakened sexuality starts finding women attractive. Eventually he returns to his Cape town house, still nostalgic about his garden house.

  8. DISGRACE David Lurie is a two times divorced professor at a Cape Town university. At present he is in relationship with a prostitute, Soraya. He unsuccessfully tries to seduce one of his students, Melanie. . . He continues to persuade her and contacts her on phone. He succeeds in sexually exploiting her, though Melaine remains passive during the sexual acts. Soon Melaine's boyfriend presses a sexual harassment case against the professor.

  9. The judge for the trial is his colleague and he gives David a chance to feign remorse, but David denies and is fired He goes to live with his daughter Lucy at her farmhouse. . . One day three Africans assault the house, rape Lucy and try to burn David alive. Lucy somehow survived and takes her father to the hospital. . On returning, Lucy is not able to come over the harrowing incident. Lurie has doubt about one of the neighbours, Petrus and Lucy even encounters one of the robbers at Petrus home. However, she doesn't report to police.

  10. e Lurie unsuccessfully tries to convince Lucy to move away from the place but Lucy stays there while Lurie returns to Cape town e However, he is treated as an outcast, no one is ready to forget . He tries to be in contact of Lucy and is shocked to find that she . He once again asks her to come with him, but Lucy makes a his crime. is pregnant marital contract with Petrus. Resigning, Luries rents a room at nearby town resolved to help her daughter time to time.