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6th January, 2017: (Hindi) Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from The Hindu, Indian Express and Livemint. The topics discussed are- Trump and United Nations, Police reforms, Role of education in building peace, SC Judgement on RPA, Electoral reforms, Challenges for new Army General

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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mam question 1 Ka 3rd part ye conclusion wrong hai.aapne correct ki hui hI
yes Shruti it's wrong...
sir mujhe aapke notes aur plb highlights , air , lecture sunne mein kafi time lagta hai kyunki uske saath mein unn sab ka notes bhi likhta hu . kya mein sahi kar raha hu ya nahi?. plz tell me , kyunki poore time ka aadha din iss sab ko karne mein lag jata hai, static portion padhne ka kai mahino se time hi nahi mil paa raha hai, plz suggest me.
samay increase karne se better explan ho sakega sir please kuchh example bhi add kijiye taki easily relate kar paye.apki guidence me bahut maja aa raha hai. sudhar dhire dhire hote rahenge. ham sab ki madad ke liye bahut bahut sukriya
By increasing time we cover more editorials and give more time on each editorial. so please continue this new extended timing. thank you so much.
Sir you are doing such a wonderful, amazing job, we are truly benefiting . please carry on. THANK YOU.......
  1. (HINDI) EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPERS IN LESS THAN 10 MINUT Presented B 6th January,201 6th January, 201 9D chrome

  2. ABOUT ME unacademy B.Tech. Comp. Sc. (Hons.) . Educator @ ech. Comp. SC. (Hons NTSE and Debating Champion Appeared for CSE and IFoS mains .Interests: Music, Quizzing, Fitness & Photography RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND .

  3. EDITORIALS COVERED IN TODAY'S LESSON The Hindu . The Trump challenge to Ant nio Guterres Teaching peace to humanity - Reading between the lines . Keeping the streets safe Indian Express - Purify the parties An opportunity for the chief

  4. QUESTIONS FOR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE Do you think that UN has lost its significance in Contemporary times and how challenging will be the task ahead for the new UN Secretary General in restoring the global order. Critically analvse.

  5. TH: THE TRUMP CHALLENGE TO ANT NIO GUTERRES (GS-2) o Big challenge for new UN Sec. Gen to balance Trumps future policies and restoring credibility of United Nations-Syrian conflict, climate change, North Korea's nukes, Africa's wars and the refugee crisis engulfing Europe. neo Post UN resolution against Israel-Mr. Trump trashed the UN as "just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time." A not-so-veiled threat followed: Not the first time he spoke against UN- anti-UN rhetoric-"The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it's not a friend of freedom US largest funder to UN-22 per cent of the UN's regular budget. Over 28 per cent of its annual peacekeeping budget of nearly $8 billion also comes from the US. o His stands- strikes at the very heart of multilateralism- vowed to cancel billions in payments to the UN climate change programme-canceling of Paris Agreement- a Chinese Hoax to recent appointments have raised the hackles of environmentalists and human rights activists. Howto ensurethattheUS doesn'tturn increasingly hostile totheUN? 1. Early dialogue with the new President and his Secretary of State 2. Projecting himself from the outset as a reformer of the UN could buy him some brownie points. 3. Reforming the tainted Peace keeping process- Kenya ,Liberia and South Sudan etc. as staff recruitment in UN peace operations is often opaque

  6. TH: THE TRUMP CHALLENGE TO ANT NIO GUTERRES (Gs-2) Nepotismin appointments Special Representative mostly political appointees, interfere in the recruitment of staff to favour their pet candidates closely in the past with Sergey Lavrov, current foreign minister and former Russian ambassador to the UN o From difficult to Impossible job as UN Sec Gen? Only time will tel!

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  10. TH: TEACHING PEACE TO HUMANITY (GS-4) o Questions about present education and pedagogy- Do we teach cultures and philosophies of peace at schools and universities around the world only to start new wars and conflicts? Is education for peace still a top priority in universities and colleges? does education help us to live a peaceful life and to bring peace around the world? Education by definition is an ethical enterprise-education is more than a way of being; it is an art of becoming Education, according to Bertrand Russell -"a certain outlook on life and the world", Greeks understood paideia as the essence of culture and communication in a good society Peacebuilding through education. the paideic dimension of peacebuilding Peacebuilding-not just about security, but also a long-term process of educating humanity with a special focus on the importance of promoting peace- it is a continual, concrete, and the daily results of education as a learning process The main concern of education is to engender a certain character in human beings and to teach them the nobility of spirit and the moral common ground of actions- it is a pursuit of moral wisdom. o Immanuel Kant, says the aim of education "must be the moralisation of man"-his belief in the moral progress of humanity which is a self-articulated and self-realised process of attaining intellectual maturity