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23rd January 2017: (Hindi) Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from The Hindu, Indian Express and Livemint. The topics discussed are- Civil service reforms, Issues with Swacch bharat mission, GST- soft Infrastructure, Jallikattu and cattle breeding, an Uneasy force.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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Sir i suggest you that in any topic plz give question so we understand which type of questions ask in exam so in this manner we prepare ( roman sir is told in video so)
The most comprehensive explanation of Jallikattu issue ever! Thank you Sir.
very comprehensive..please keep continue it..
Thanx to hindi editorial
Thanku sir, keep it up.
  1. HINDI EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPERS IN LESS THAN 10 MIN UTE Presented By Deebansliue Si rd 23 January, 2017 chrome

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  8. TH: DEALING WITH THE DEADWOOD GS-2 o The Central government's recent decision to compulsorily retire two Indian Police Service (IPS) officers and one Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer for 'non-performance' One of the officers is reported to have been under investigation for disproportionate assets The compulsory retirements are in pursuance of the service rules that contemplate a review either when an officer reaches the age of 50 or completes 25 years of service seaches the age of S0 or completes 25 yeas of service o Compulsory retirements: Such action was a long-needed corrective We need to uphold the basic democratic principle of a healthy executive control over the civil service, and actions like these, undertaken clinically and without malice, are a sine qua non to enhance the currently poor standards of public administration o Perks of the services: All India Services and the Central Services are paid well by Indian standards Each Pay Commission has enlarged the civil service pay packet and perquisites After passing the Union Public Service Commission examination, the system takes care of the person

  9. TH: DEALING WITH THE DEADWOOD GS-2 However, only around 10% of officers remain current in their knowledge and exert themselves to keep the administrative system in shape-The bureaucracy should be an accountable body that is sensitive to public demands o Except for a few dedicated officers, both in the higher echelons and in the lower rungs, it is a sad fact that ordinary citizens mostly cannot get through to any senior member of the bureaucracy, either in person or over the telephone, to express their grievances o Reasons of non-performance: The malady of non-performance arises from the fact that not all positions in governments at the Centre and in the States are meaningful There is a bloated bureaucracy, and portfolios are created only to accommodate officers o As a result, many officers do not have more than a few hours of work a day o A product of this is indolence, and a long spell of inactivity leads to loss of initiative and a desire to be productive More appalling is the number of officers who choose to abandon integrity and line their pockets o Obstacle: . The judiciary that overturns or stays every administrative action against an erring senior officer o Courts would earn the admiration of a harassed public if they stopped interfering in disciplinary matters once they are satisfied that prescribed procedures had been followed. Judicial overstepping, while correcting unjust action against a few honest civil servants, unwittingly promotes the cause of many unscrupulous elements

  10. 1868-The Nelore (known as Ongole in India) first arrived in Brazil o 1938-Nelore Herd Book was created defining the breed standards o Around 6000 Indian specimens were imported into Brazil during the first half of the 20th century.Now this is huge number. Today ,Brazil is the possessor of 5 million registered pure-bred Nelore o They are the founders of important Brazilian breeding lines like Godahvari, Karvadi and Taj Mahal sales of Brazilian Nelore semen represent 65 per cent of the artificial insemination market of all beef breeds in Brazil. o Conclusion: o National Data bank for India: private players Genus ABS India Private Limited and Hanu Reddy Ongoles are developing gene banks and animal resources, it is also important to improve our national data banks o national data banks need to hold samples and data of animals around the world. of Brazlian Nelore

  11. IE: AN UNEASY FORCE GS-2/3 o Recent incidents of personnel of Central Armed Police Force venting out their grievances through social media says a lot about ailing grievance Redressal mechanism on one hand, and deteriorating condition at ground level o Internal security has to be dealt by state police and CAPF For reforms in policing system at state level, SC issued set of directions in 2006, under umbrella of Model Police Act. Nothing substantial had worked on ground. o Other agency for internal security CAPF is signaling failure of leadership at top level. o CAPF personnel had to work in very harsh conditions. Suggestions have often been given to Home Ministry to bring about some kind of rotation in duty so that personnel have time to refresh and recuperate themselves. No wonder there is considerable attrition within the forces and large number go on voluntary retirement after completing 20 years of service o It is unplanned expansion of the forces that has made human resource management a stupendous problem. Thanks to exaggerated demands of state govt and inability to resist these demands from centre o It is shortage of state police force that needs to be addressed. There is shortage of 5,00,000 police personnel. Centre should work out formula with consultation of state governments to fill vacancies so that dependence on central govt is decreased. o While manpower was raised, there was deficiency in infrastructure. Shortage of housing, transport, arms and ammunition are common. Procurement procedures are complicated and invite inordinate delays. Home Ministry, under whose command CAPF works, is oblivious of ground situation and therefore tend to be insensitive.

  12. IE: AN UNEASY FORCE GS-2/3 Even training company of every battalion are present for duty. Usually, under emergency situation they should be called for duty, but in CAPF it is becoming norm. This affects training, discipline and morale Absence of promotional opportunities, dismissal of leaves further aggravates the situation, leading to gave incidents of fratricide. hiatus between officers and men.At present, a non- Another factor, present in both centre and state police is g gazetted officers are much more educated than they used to be in past. They have higher expectations and their loyalty cannot be taken for granted. Police officers in state on other hand do not have powers they used to enjoy in past. o Politicisation in police services had eroded chain of command. Junior ranks also cultivate political masters, exploiting caste loyalties and political alignment to their career perspective.Senior Officers are not able to punish delinquent junior officers. o It is becoming vicious circle where men blame officers and officers blame men. Thus creating insurmountable divide between men and officers. o Reactionary measures like banning personnel from social media is not feasible option. They would seek another route to express their anguish. o Food quality can be improved now but comprehensive approach to deal with grievance is need of hour.