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21st January 2017: (Hindi) Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from The Hindu and Indian Express The topics discussed are- Jallikattu and tamil Sangam, Defence issues, Rising global inequality

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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awesome explanation !!!
'As we see, all the authors mentioned above are Brahmins, giving lie to the argument that the sport is the preserve of a few dominant castes.' Doesn't this line seem a bit contradictory? Also, just as another dimension to the whole issue, I read in some articles that some Dalit groups are also alleging that this sport is not so inclusive for them. But in all, great effort from your side for providing these daily videos, it is highly appreciated.
Sir, please reply to my querry. It will help aspirants getting out of inferiority complex. I just want to ask that if you people(with very smart communication skill) has failed to qualify the CSE,how we can survive the competition. This is the question t hat haunts me.
Hello! Deepanshu Sir, Please tell How to make notes of these editorials, Same to same. Or what approach should be followed.
Sir please keep your pace a bit slow. You pronounced domestic instead of democratic.
  1. HINDI EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPERS IN LESS THAN 1O MINUT Presented By Deepanstau Sn 21 st January,2017 chrome

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  4. QUESTIONS FOR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE Discuss the causes for the rise in inequality across the world and suggest measures to address them Use Unacademy Discuss site to answer the daily practice questions from now on.

  5. IE: THE MAJORITY AT MARGINS GS-2 o Emergence of Trump as president, successful referendum on Brexit, anti migration sentiment in Europe, emergence of right wing parties in West, deteriorating condition of women workforce, radical political ideas- that could have been discarded if presented decade earlier gaining momentum. All these phenomenon are beads tied to common string- ailing globalisation being propelled by morphed capitalism leading to unbearable inequality o This doesn't mean that protectionism or socialism is antidote to ailing system as Venezuela exemplify the fact. o Oxfam reports some bitter facts about inequality-it just take eight richest people to total the wealth of bottom 50% of world's people. Between 1998 to 2011, income of poorest 10% increased only $ 3 per year but top 10% it was $ 11,800, staggering 182 times more than that of poorest. o In other words, concentration of wealth is at alarming level where rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer day ay o Reasons for this inequality- influence on govt policies and crony capitalism. Oxfam found that for one third of world's billionaire wealth is derived from inherited property and another 43% can be linked to cronyism. That's why economist Thomas Picketty advocated for inheritance tax on billionaires. o Meanwhile, women workers are at severe phase of economic repression where their income is shrinking on one hand and unequal access to social protection on other hand.

  6. IE: THE MAJORITY AT MARGINS GS-2 While profits of companies are all time high, its share among workers is decreasing. Moreover, these companies manipulate tax system to evade tax Intensive lobbying bv nch organizations and individuals lead to policv designing pro-cronyism rather pro-poor. This leads to concentration of wealth on one hand and cash starved state on other. Oxfam provides some strategies which requires national policies and international collaboration. Higher minimum wages, o Universal social protection, o equitable tax policies o regulating companies to produce sustainable production and prevent exploitation moving away from simplistic notion of GDP growth to improving conditions of bottom half.

  7. IE: No MORE COMMITTEES GS-2 This article had extensively explained what ails our defence establishment and preparedness in the light of Cold Start Doctrine o Indian govt had denied on record of presence of any Child's Start" doctrine but recent usage of this term by army chief had ruffled many feathers. o Q-Why army chief had to officially user this term? o Ans 2015 was landmark year in era of defence. China abs USA issued National Military Strategy and Australia- Defence White paper. These announcements show intent abs content of military establishment of country. On contrary, India had maintained "deafening silence" since past 70 years. This awkward response usually give rise to "security dilemma". In order to have nationwide discussion on military strategy in order to avoid security dilemma, army chief used this term, as India's pacifist tradition had mutated into "strategic restraint" o Security dilemma- Action by one state in order to heighten its security, is seen as provocation by adversarial nation. Then adversarial nation start piling up military resources. This vicious circle continous and increases tension and may provoke conflict Q- What is Cold Start Doctrine? o Ans - Quick mobilizations of military employing "Manoeuvre warfare" ie swiftly capturing enemy posts. It is different from "attrition warfare" of World War era in which maximin damage rather control of enemy military outposts was done.

  8. IE: No MORE COMMITTEES GS-2 o Historically speaking, after attack on Parliament, mobilisation of Indian army at national frontiers with pakistan was sought. It took jaw-dropping THREE WEEKS to put army, that too "Strike corps out of their headquarters to national frontier. This exposed glaring deficiency in our defence preparedness. So in veil of secrecy, Cold Start Doctrine was thought of. In this, rather than battalion Integrated Battle Groups (IBG) would be mobilised within 48-72 hours from cold start. Integrated Battalion Groups would be highly mobile formals p formations with their own armour, artillery and aviation support that could swiftly respond to Pakistan provocation without crossing NUCLEAR THRESHOLD What is difference between surgical strike and cold start? Ans-surgical strike is military attack on intended legitimate target with minimum collateral while military receding back after success of operation. While Cold start is departure from Sundarji Doctrine. Cold Start is limited war doctrine that is aimed for retaliatory conventional strike against pakistan that would inflict significant harm before international community could intercede as well as to stave off nuclear threshold. While surgical strike has aim of punishing, Cold Start has strategic dimension that would deter Pakistan 's misadventures. However, officially India had not endorsed this position. o There are some pertinent questions that needs to be added into national security discourse, apart from Cold Start Doctrine. o First is question on languid and capricious decision making in Ministry of Defence because of itinerant, generalist bureaucracy unable to comprehend complex defence and security issues. Answer lies in integrating three armed headquarters with MoD so that talent is pooled and military experts and civil servants work harmoniously. Decision making would then have transformative effect

  9. IE: No MORE COMMITTEES GS-2 o Second is question on discrete functioning of army, navy, air force . It is not only in context of Cold Start but to employ commonality n training, warfare, equipment as well as synergy in war effort. Answer lies in creation of institution of Chief of Defence Staff, who will, in advice of 3 service chiefs would give military advice to Defence Minister. o He will work with Defence Secretary to give advice to Defence Minister and to PM on policy issues Third is question on India's half empty arsenal, which calls for drastic changes in Indian military industrial complex Feckless bureaucrats and scientists, entrusted for defence production and defence R&D had reduced India to status of supplicant. Answer lies in major overhaul in form of creation of Ministry of Defence Technologies and Industrial Production comprising junior muddier p minister with 3 chiefs developing land, Maritime and air systems. It should oversee clusters composed of "Research laboratories" and "Production units". FDI should be welcomed wherever necessary

  10. Catching a sport by its horns What is this article about? Tells us about the literary works which mentions and glorifies" Kattu" like poems dramas films. Timeline of the literary works Ancient times:rock art forms of Tallikattu Ancient times rock art forms of Jallikattu Sangam period: Kalithokai 1893: Kamalambal Charithiram Around 1930's: Manji Virattu, Thillana Mohanambal Around 1970's: Vilaiyattu Pillai movie,based on a novel Rao Bahadur Singaram 1959: Vaadi Vaasal 1980: Murattu Kaalai