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31st January 2017: (Hindi) Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from The Hindu, Indian Express and Livemint. The topics discussed are- Universal Basic Income UBI, Trump and Russia, Land use and climate change and Increasing number of global protests.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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This Course is very beneficial.It is saving our crucial time.1 5 minute M sab cover kar dete hu. Mgr aacha hoga ki 8pm tak editorial ki summary upload kar do. Kyunki sir 11pm ke baad to next day ka paper chap jata h.
Sir, we understand your hectic schedule which you may be following but please upload the videos timely so that we manage our time table accordingly. As far as course significance is concerned, there is no doubt for its vital importance........ Keep on going.....Thank you sir
sir ji agar aap pdf provide kara de to, in question ke notes nai banane padege, aur jitne bhi educators hai unki slides ki pdf bhi mil jaaye to bahut accha hoga, aadhe se jyada time copy karne mai lag jaata hai aur padhne ka time itna nai bach paata hai. Thanks
one of the best lessons of unacademy .. i think this education hub should inculcate its integral pillar of news analysis as it provides a brief important and structured news information deepansu sir is presenting it in quite intrigue way
Hello sir, this course is very helpful in terms of time saving as well as understanding issues quickly in comparison of reading an article direct from newspaper. Please keep it continue, thank-you!
  1. HINDI EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPERS IN LESS THAN 1O MINUT Presented By Deepansau Sngh 31st January,2017 chrome

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  4. QUESTION FOR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE Q:- what :- What are the benefits of the demand-driven model of development as advocated by PM Modi in a speech recently? Critically analyse unacademy discuss [Course] - January 2017 Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and Other Major Newspapers More > (Hindi) January 2017 Editorial Analysis of The Hindu... m Test Preparation UPSC AAS deepanshu.n.singh 17 11d m... January 2017-Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and Other Major Newspapers t5 The course w bring you in-depth analysis of important editor as torn leadng newspapers ike The Hindu, Indian Express Livemint esc which are relevant for Mans as wellas preims Pinned Topics Government examinations These w heip you in your Mans as well as prems preparation About Us Careers Terms Prvacy Contact Us Twitter Facebook created steeply 113 379 21 48 1 Frequent Posters

  5. TH: THE HIDDEN AGENDA OF BENEVOLENCE GS-3 o The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) has been gaining ground globally. While Switzerland held a referendum on it last year (it was voted down), Finland introduced it earlier this month. o Economic Survey 2016-17- Chapter-9 on UBI o In the West, the UBI is being discussed as a solution to two problems: unemployment due to automation; and growing social unrest caused by extreme inequality and precarity (Oxfam report) It is expected to solve the unemployment problem by decoupling subsistence from obs, freeing human beings to realse their true potential, preferably through entrepreneurship. It would address the second by supplying monetary resources to access the necessities of life. o UBI debate in India- has been a narrow one -restricted, for the most part, to financial viability. Its advocates argue that UBI debate in Indiae- has been a natrow one restricted, for the most part, to financial viability Its advocates argue that it is a more efficient way of delivering welfare, while its opponents hold that the fiscal burden would be too much. o The UBI evangelists- free-market enthusiasts, Milton Friedman, was an early advocate of basic income. o Outside the academic realm, the biggest champion of UBI is the global tech sector-Silicon Valley billionaires such as Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes have publicly backed the idea. They all present the same conclusion: giving cash to the poor is better than traditional welfare

  6. o Not an add-on benefit: o The biggest myth about the UBI is that it is a redistributive policy that would reduce inequality o It is indeed possible to have a redistributive UBI, But it would need to fulfil two conditions: it must be funded by taxing the wealthy; and the existing entitlements to the poor must not be taken away giving them an income cushion much-touted Finnish experiment is restricted to the unemployed., in India also-it is about giving in a different form o Such a UBI would actually be a socialist measure that would increase the bargaining power of the working classes by o But neither of these conditions is met by any of the UBI designs being promoted today, either globally or in India. The as der O o Back in 2008, Arvind Subramanian, the present Chief Economic Adviser of the government, arged that the 1,80,000 crore spent annually on centrally sponsored schemes and assorted subsidies should instead be distributed as cash directly to 70 million households below the poverty line o The UBI in India is nothing but the old wine of direct cash transfer in a fancy new bottle o Its objective remains the same: to eliminate the public distribution system (PDS) and with it, the food, fuel, and fertiliser subsidies o The same old arguments for replacing the PDS with cash transfers are now being trotted out in favor of the UBI

  7. o Fiscal challenge o The actual minimum wage in The actual minimum wage in India is around 33 a day 4,800 per month-Broad consensus on Tendulkar committee poverty line of This works out to a basic income of 1,000- 1,250 a month or 12,000-t15,000 a year-estimated to cost 11-12% of the GDP. In contrast, all the government's subsidies put together account for only 44.5% of the GDP This presents three options: one, the government makes up the deficit through additional tax revenue; two, l limits the nscal burden by shrinking the UBI coverage from 'universal' to those below the poverty line;, and three, it further shrinks the amount being doled out- Given India's narrow tax base, we can rule out 1t option! o UBI will be funded primarily by the money allocated for CSS and subsidies- would help strengthen the case for the elimination or a significant roll-back of programmes such as the PDS, middav meal schemes, and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Emplorment Guarantee Scheme MGNREGS o Why a UBI now? The UBI fits perfectly in this scheme of things, as it seeks to compress the whole gamut of welfare benefits into one, and mount t on a singular jAM Jan-Dhan, Aadhaar, Mobile) platform. o Immense pressure on India in secretive free trade negotiations . The developed nations have for long wanted India to wind up its food securit-related provisions- both state procurement of foodgrains, and their subsidised distribution via PDS o The Indian state is stuck with welfare commitments it cannot renege on without political and legal consequences shifting the welfare paradigm to UBI would loosen the bonds of legal and social accountability Under the PDS, for instance, the state must provide a specified quantity of foodgrains to the poor no matter what With UBI, it has the option letting the payout slide behind inflation, as has alreadv happened with the old age and widow pensions

  8. o Alternative solutions-there are many things the state could do at a fraction of what the UBI would cost from enforcing the minimum wage law, to releasing funds on time for MGNREGS 176 Economic Survey 2016-17 Better targeting of poor As all individuals are targeted, exclusion error (poor Gender norms may regulate the sharing of UBI being left out) is zero though inclusion error (rich within a household men are likely to exercise gaining access to the scheme) is 60 percenr Gender disparity induced by cash control over spending of the UBI always be the case with other in-kind transfers Implementation . This may not Insurance against shocks This income floor will provide a safety net against Given the current status of financial access among health, income and other shocks poor, a UBI may put too much stress on the banking system. Fiscal cost given political economy of exit the Improvement in financial inclusion Payment transfers will encourage greater usage Once introduced, it may become difficult for the of bank accounts, leading to higher profits for government to wind up a UBI in case of failure. banking correspondents (BC) and an endogenous improvement in financial inclusion. Credit- increased income will release the constraints on access to credit for those with low income levels Psychological benefits Political economy of 1 economy of universality ideas for pressures of self-exclusion guaranteed income will reduce the finding a basic living on a daily basis. Opposition may arise from the provision of the transfer to rich individuals as it might seem to trump poor. Exposure to market risks (cash vs. food) the idea of equity and state welfare for the Administrative efficiency A UBI in place of a plethora of separate government Unlike food subsidies that are not subject to schemes will reduce the administrative burden on the flu prices, a cash transfer's ctuating market purchasing power may severely be curtailed by market fluctuations state.

  9. TH: CAN TRUMP RESET TIES WITH RUSSIA? GS-2 o Context Putin was one of the first leaders he reached out to after taking office o In a telephone conversation, both leaders promised cooperation in fighting terrorism Trump's offer to rescript ties with the former Cold War rival comes at a time when bilateral relations are at the lowest level since the collapse of the Soviet Union The Obama administration imposed sanctions on Russia for its military intervention in Crimea and alleged interference in the U.S. election o The U intelligence community has repeatedly slammed Moscow over a number of issues from spreading instability in the world to killing civilians in Syria Why reach out? Trump's foreign policy-related statements from his early campaign days can be divided into three broad themes: o An ideological opposition towards what he calls "radical Islamic terrorism", improving ties with Russia, and taking on These three themes are somehow interlinked-Trump has never shied away from asserting his own, or his country's, religous The early decisions of President Trump, including a complete ban on visitors from seven Muslim majonty countries, further China identity strengthens his thoughts, He's actually referring to a possible ideological alliance between two predominantly Christian countries against a common enemy By doing so, Mr. Trump may be hoping to make advances in another direction-tackling China

  10. Trump's China policy: o Trump believes Russia is no longer the U.S's principal global rival,In his world view, China is rising to that stature To be sure, Russia, with its enormous land and natural resources and strategicallv important geography and military might, remains a key geopolitical power,But its economy is inherently weak, a shadow of the Soviet economic power On the other side, China is an economic powerhouse that wields enormous influence around the world,But China's force-projection capabilities are limited as its seafront remains vulnerable o If Russia and China come together which has actually been taking place in recent vears, be it in trade and economic ties or the collaboration at the United Nations on global conflicts-that would pose a potential threat to long-term American interests, therefore Trump would like to use his overtures to Russia to drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing o Till the Ukraine crisis, German-Russian relations were on a high trajectory which Mr. Putin wanted to convert into a strategic alliance. A German-Russian-Eurasian alliance could potentially have threatened the foundations of the unipolar world. Mr. Trump would like to do to the China-Russia partnership exactly what Mr. Obama did to the Russian-German partnership o Three hurdles: There are three key problems: political, geopolitical and strategic o One, Mr. Obama has created enough hurdles for Mr. Trump in dealing with the Russians

  11. Protest nations o Current Protests: o People gathered in Tamil Nadu to demonstrate against the Jallikattu ban across America to register their frustration with Donald Trump's inauguration o Women's March followed as people in more than 60 countries across seven continents registered their disgust with the new US President's general attitude. o agitations against "The Wall" and the revival of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines popped up across North America. o The Scientists' March movement to oppose Trump's redaction of environmental data and treatment of the Environmental Protection Agency gained momentum on social media o March For Life-protesting abortion. o Trump's executive order banning refugees as well as anybody from seven Muslim-majority countries sparked protests Protests in the past: Arab Spring", starting with Tunisia in 2010 but moving quickly to other nations across North Africa and the Middle East