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6th April 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

Unacademy user
very nice voice your mam.👌
a year ago
Thank you
well guys, I m just proposing an idea.. As deepanshu is toiling hard for us and dedicating hours for us for the daily summary and analysis of the Hindu I propose to pay altleast ₹100 per month to him. so that he can get little bit rewarded for his precious hard work. well all know that the Hindu costs ₹8 these days and monthly subscription costs us ₹320 or more. But deepanshu summarises and anlayses the news for us and brings the gist of the news for us . So guys what you all say?...☺
Hello Deepanshu, you have been doing a great job since the start of this course.But, I feel it would be great if you mention page nos of each article so that it would be easy for us to get a better clarity in case we aren't very clear. You can mention it along with the title. Please take it as a suggestion and once again thanks for all the hard work you have been doing since :)
Deepanshu Singh
3 years ago
Page number varies according to regional editions. You can match the topics with the headings :)
Chaska Singh
3 years ago
sir it necessary to learn all the BILLS between 2016-17 ,, for prelims 2017, or we can skip them
Kshama Upadhyay
3 years ago
Hello Deepanshu sir, is there a way I can email you?Most of the comments go unanswered here..
Swati Sharma
3 years ago
hi deepanshu. please make a video on Art 370 J&K constitution.
Pavan Singh
3 years ago
Hello sir thanqw so much for such ossuummm The Hindu analysis my humble request please provide link to download these PPTs.
Thanks for all the hard work you do for us.. one more thing I needed ur email id deepanshu sir I'm having some doubts regarding a topic.
Since the National Commission for Backward Classes is already a statutory body, how will the working of the Backward Classes Commission be different from NCBC?
Sayantan Roy
3 years ago
Can you please elaborate your doubt?
Samrat K
3 years ago
This amendment gives it constitutional status i.e., will be added to constitution through this amendment. So far it was an act of parliament only
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rail NGO, VOs Antibiotic ; cancer 200 note UK IND green fund BC commission , 123 rd amend Act Rbi Rus Kazan sub Vaquita Mexico
Ranjeet Kumar
3 years ago
missing one?
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU In English Presentedb Deepanshu Singh CSE & FoS mains, Public Speater NTSE topper and debatieg champion Avid travelec fitness, music and (atihion cognoscenti 6th April2017 ru 2017 100k folowers 15 Folloerng

  2. Hello! I am DEEPANSHU Singh Educator at Unacademy since October 2016 B. Tech. Comp. Sc. (Hons.) Appeared for CSE and IFoS mains NTSE Gold Medalist National-level Debating Champion Interests: Fitness, technology, travelling and photography Follow me: Rate Review Recommend

  3. PRACTICE QUESTION Recently, which country's parliament has presented a bill that would require public and private businesses to prove they offer equal pay to employees.? a) Denmark b) Iceland c) Spain d) Swedern The Post your answers below! (without googling) ur answers below! (without googling)

  4. YESTERDAY'S PRACTICE QUESTION hich country has recently recognized Bitcoin as a legal currency? a) Germany b) India c) Japan d) Spain Answer-> C Japan

  5. NATIONAL unacademy Cabinet approves setting up rail regulator . The Union Cabinet has cleared approved setting up an independent rail regulator, named Rail Development The Union Gabinaeared approved setting up an independent rail regulator named Rail Development Authority (RDA). It will be an independent regulator to recommend passenger and freight fares and set service level benchmarks It will act within the parameters of the Railway Act, 1989. It will only make recommendations to the Railway Ministry which will take a final call on passenger and freight fares. Will undertake the following broad functions: . tariffdetermination ensuring fair play and level playing field for stakeholder investment in Railways setting efficiency and performance standards dissemination of information The Authority, with an initial corpus of Rs. 50 crore, will have a Chairman along with three members with a fixed term of five years and it can engage experts from relevant areas The Chairman of the Authority can be from the private sector and will be selected by a committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary . .

  6. unacadem NATIONAL Centre hands over to SC accreditation guidelines for NGOs Vos . The need for the guidelines is to regulate the manner in which the VOs/NGOs, which are recipient of grants, maintain their account, procedure for audit of account NITI Aayog has been appointed as the nodal agency for the purpose of registration and accreditation of VOs/NGOs seeking funding from the Government of India. It would facilitate seamless operation of the IT Act and the FCRA with respect to NGOs. 1 Antibiotics linked to polyp growth . Long-term use of antibiotics increases the risk later in life of developing colon polyps, often a precursor of bowel cancer The digestive tract's complex network of bacteria may play a key role in cancer emergence The researchers found an increased risk of polyps among women who had taken antibiotics for a total of two months or more over a two-decade span Even when they work as intended by eliminating a disease-causing bug, antibiotics also reduce the gut's resistance to other hostile" bacteria This disruption of the natural balance of bacteria, earlier work has shown, is common in patients with bowel cancer Add to this the fact that many bugs requiring antibiotics cause inflammation-a known risk factor for bowel cancer-and the link becomes even stronger . . . | .

  7. NATIONAL unacademy Tai changing colour mud therapy being used: govt the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) has also submitted a report about the upkeep of the Taj. A kind of mud therapy is being used on the Taj Mahal as the white marble structure is changing colour The mud therapy involves application of a paste of 'multani mitti' The change in the colour of the marble structure and the damage is caused by insects . . The Centre is examining a proposal from the RBI to introduce Rs. 200 denomination currency note . A smaller denomination note will improve liquidity U.K. India unveil joint 'green' fund . India and the U.K. announced a joint Green Growth Equity Fund in which they have committed to anchor U.Ku Iindia unveill ainounced ayolnt Gree Growth Equity Fund in which they have commited to anctor invest up to 120 million each To help India enhance inclusive growth by boosting investment into green infrastructure on commercial terms . The success of the Fund will crowd in private investment that will have a transformational impact on India's development.The fund aims to raise about 500 million, and may unlock more in future .

  8. NATIONAL unacademy BC Commission set to get constitutional status . New Constitution Bill (123rd Amendment) introduced in Lok Sabha to accord constitutional status to the BC Commission sct togt constitutdonal statruduced in Lok Sabha to accord constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission-> It will give powers to Parliament to designate castes as OBCs. The proposed commission will have a chairperson, vice-chairperson and three other members and will hear the grievances of socially and educationally backward classes, a function discharged so far by the Scheduled Castes commission. The bill will require the support of two-third members of the House for its passage, as it is a Constitution Amendment Bill. . . Excess liquidity is a concern for RBI Standing Deposit Facility (SDF)-SDF is a mechanism to drain surplus cash at a rate lower than the repo rate without the need for any collateral. The implementation of SDF requires an amendment to the RBI Act. . .

  9. INTERNATIONAL unacademy Russia's most powerful submarine Russia has floated its newest nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine . The Kazan submarine is considered a counterpart to U.S. Seawolf and Virginia- class Mexico's Va porpoise headed toward extinction Mexican government has announced plans to place to save the vaquita marina porpoise would be carried out with help from international conservation groups Under the Mexican plan, "some animals will be transferred to a refuge, where they will be able to reproduce without the risk of being caught in gillnets Scientists have warned that there are only 30 vaquita remaining, saying the species faced extinction by 2022 The vaquita is a rare species ofporpoise endemic to the northern part of the Gulf of California It has been listed as critically endangered since 1996 The population was estimated at 600 in 1997, but dropped below 100 in 2014, putting it in imminent danger of extinction The population decrease is largely attributed to bycatch from the illegal gillnet fishery for the totoaba, a similarly sized endemic drum that is also critically endangered . . . . .