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2nd April 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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thyank you so much sir... i'm following with your strategy
unlike other nations in gulf, Iran is persistently persevering in staying away from west's influence which is d only reason that US is so destperate in deteriorating iran's image because of which we see it as unstable region which it is not. and this is the reason russia always support iran and the countries iran support so that they dont install their puppet govts.
Mohan S R
3 years ago
The issue in Iran is more than US inteference and larger than what we Indians generally know. The nuclear ambitions of Iran is very critical for the entire world as they are rejecting claims of developing nuclear devices. Such denial and refusal to sign international treaty escalates the regional tensions and soneone (in this case: USA) has to step in and ask Iran to show what they got in theor backyard. With fragile history of US Embassy seige in Tehran, its not easy for a country like US to ignore Nuclear ambitions of Iran which could turn ulterior at any point. P.S: I lived in Kurdistan region of Iraq for over 3 yrs (less than 100kms from Iran border) and have so many colleagues from Iran (moderate minded) who concur the above view.
Abid kazim
3 years ago
US embassy siege was a reply to US govt when it refused to extradite Shah who was a US puppet. before shah iran was called mini USA and m sure u saw the influence of west there which is coming back in d form of anti supreme leader regime. but we can see that Ayatullahs hold the power in iran which is a big problem for USA and that it is unable to control it wd its puppet like many oder nations. also that US did strike iraq as well but to no avail. the issue in Iran is more than what u said or what we see in the news and we ought not to believe it blindly as we know the truth about US too. i think there is something far beyond our thoughts which is going on there which is why USA is so desperate about Iran. it can focus on Pakistan, it can focus on African nations as well if it is really about being d saviour. PS i lived in Iran, Iraq and Syria.
While your remark about Iran itself being in a pickle are true, I think that it's offer for mediation on Kashmir isssue is a welcome step at a time when no other regional power is willing to play that role and both Indian and Pakistani governments are in a state of constant denial over engaging in meaningful tri-lateral dialogue with the people of Kashmir. And thanks for making these videos, Sir. They have helped me a lot.
sir i am going to appear in CSE 2017 and not able to complete static portion what i did the hindu summary less than 10 minute by deepanshu singh ji , from may 2016 to 2017 daily 10 mcq by Roman saini sir from may 2016 to 2017 , Yojna and kurrkshetra magzine from , your test paper and insights test series will it be enough for prelims only ? thank in advance sir
Pls restart the videos on editorial analysis, your videos were very helpful.
Pavan P
3 years ago
no his explanation is not good. present person explaining well when compared to deepu.
sir I was having least time to read the Hindu and also having doubt what to leave what to read. u r helping me amazingly. no need to Go through full newspaper. your notes are enough. god bless u
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  3. YESTERDAY'S PRACTICE QUESTION Which country has become the new member of South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) program? a) Afghanistan b) Nepal c) Iean d) Myanmar Answer->D. Myanmar

  4. PRACTICE QUESTION Which of the following statements about IEA-International Energy Association is/are correct? a) Presently it has 29 member countries. India is lone associate member of IAE b) It is headquartered in Paris, France Select the correct options from below- 1) A only 2) Bonly 3) Both correct 4) None of the above The Post your answers below! (without googling) e

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  12. NATIONAL Facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder Smart cards for all by May: CM . Ration cardholders across the State wil Autism Spectrum Disorder is the name given to a group of . ensure paperless sales of commodities .Ration cardholders can collect their . Where? from the fair price shops after be provided with smart card-TN through point of sale machines smart cards developmental disorders. ASD covers a wide range a spectrunm of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability ASD Around 1 in 68 children are said to be identified with some form of Around 1 in 68 children are said to be identifed with some form of .People with ASD often exhibit characteristics such as repetitive behaviour, limited interests in activities, inability to function socially, at school, work, or in other areas of life. Persons with mild autism have certain skills that come in handy in a work environment. they receive a text message on their mobiles residents may submit applications for addition, deletion of names, and change of address online or at common service centres mart card scheme would ensure elimination of bogus cards and monitor transport of goods from godowns to fair price shops to replace the printed family cards under the Public Distribution System (PDS) . Why special glasses for 3D movies? Two images are projected on scree simultaneously Horizontal and vertical Polarised . . Without special glass, image would be blurred . And, 3D specs- 2 types of polarized glasses .Horizontally Polarised- Right eye . Vertically Polarised- Left eye . tem (PDs) Vertcaly Polarised- Lefeyjiteye

  13. BUSINESS Raw material prices hit paper sector . rising raw material prices have shortage in availability . Raw material for paper mills is recycled paper ' price of recycled paper is going up .international price of waste paper was $182 to $190 a tonne import costs shot up to $300 a tonne mills turned to the domestic market, leading to shortage and higher prices . . Kraft paper is a major raw material corrugated box manufacturers kraft price has increased by 23% in the last two months . .They supply to FMCG brand owners, pharma companies per capita consumption of paper in the U.S. is 450 kg and . recovery is 55% to 60% in countries such as the U.S., while . Why prices shoot up ?withdrawal of subsidy for pulping in . Centre should take steps to increase the recovery rate and to exporters in India it is 10 kg it is only 28% in India. the U.S. and bulk purchases by China

  14. SCIENCE & TECH Designing a killer to kill a killer cancer cells - dividing and proliferating without control, forming lumps called tumours Anti-cancer drugs - damage normal, healthy cells & Gives Side effects & Penetrates tumor eventually . 'Surgical Strike' or cutting off the tumour damage normal tissues .Need :killer device to target cell mass . one type of killer cells (microbes which cause disease to normal healthy cells, even death, if left untreated) to kill another type of killer cells (cancer) . they kill cancer cells, they may also damage healthy cells of the body . Salmonella typhimurium (the one that causes typhoid-like disease in rats, and leads to gastric problems and diarrhea in humans) we delete the gene called msbB from its genome, its toxicity towards normal cells is vastly reduced . compared to normal cells, tumour cells are far richer in ATP . ATP, the energy currency molecule in cells . VNP20009 as a carrier or vehicle, and loaded it with the protein called p53 which suppresses tumour growth molecule called azurin which kills cancer cells, and also protects p53 from degradatiorn this cargo-laden ST on to rats which carried grafts of cancerous brain tumours obtained from humans. .This therapy allowed the cancer-bearing rats survive for more than 100 days, compared with barely 26 days for untreated rats. . (1) normal and healthy body cells are not affected, (2) they penetrate the body of the cancer cells, (3) this allows delivery of the drugs into the interior of the cancer cell (where conventional drugs find hard to enter), and (4) we can add more cargo, and allow additional cancer-killer drugs while keeping normal cells safe enough.

  15. SCIENCE & TECH Ecdipses ef binary star shed light on orbiting exopianetAlgal b oom may spare Indian waters indications of a massive planet orbiting a low mass X-ray massive algal bloom reported from the Arabian binary star system X-ray observations, is a new way of detecting exoplanets system is nearly 30,000 light years away and the planet is algal species green Noctiluca scintillans had expected to be nearly 8,000 times as massive as the earth MXB 1658-298 is an X-ray binary and a part of the constellation Ophiuchus (serpent bearer) Sea size of Mexico-originated in the Gulf of Oman . Might reach coastal States of India bloomed presence of the green algae gives deep green colour to the ocean in the areas of spread e . X-ray binaries consist of a pair of stars orbiting each other researchers use remote sensing technique for the one is compact one such as a black hole or a neutron star (in this case, a neutron star) Discoveredin 1976 -mass when drawn generates X-rays which are detected by detectors placed in satellites in space Hence,this is an opportunity - to trace the orbital evolution of this system there are various indirect methods [of detecting exoplanets] such a X-ray observations : from space observatories such as NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory identification of the bloom species Impacts: degrading Noctiluca cells release ammonia in the water increasing toxiclevel decomposition reduces dissolved oxygen from the water column and causes adverse effect on fish: it causes fish mortality Why it is? result of a continuous process of winter cooling and convective mixing . . s transit photometry and microlensing Cool dry continental air from the northeast causes an increase in surface density of the sea water due to evaporative cooling and increased salinity

  16. SCIENCE & TECH How Ahmedabad beat the heat a toll of 4,462 lives 2010 in Ahmedabad Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC), public health experts and institutes, civil society groups and other stakeholder- comprehensive Heat Action Plan (HAP) in 2013. .A first in South Asia . HAP's: to create public awareness about extreme climates & necessary steps to tackle it & save lives Community outreach initiatives, putting an early warning system in place a seven-day advance forecast about high temperatures and impending heatwaves A capacity-building of health-care professionals to treat people with heat-related complication A nodal officer+ other agencies & groups- implement the plan in summer(temperatures >48 C) . . . AMC issues colour-coded alerts or heat warnings based on weather forecasts. a yellow alert(41.1 C to 43 C) : orange alert ( 43.1 C-44.9 C) : red alert (>45 C) Includees : stocking hospitals and health centres with ice packs, extra water supplies in the slums and vulnerable areas, etcs... positive impact has been on street vendors, casual labourers, construction workers, traffic police and AMC staffand schoolchildren. . .

  17. SCIENCE & TECH Ashwagandha, a good sleep-inducer: study Anxiety driving a rise in double mastectomies . Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Indian One in three breast cancer patients under 45 increase from the one in 10 younger women with breast cancer who had double mastectomies Women often remove the healthy breast so they don't have to worry about developing another cancer contralateral prophylactic mastectomy - high risk for a new cancer . origin,: has an active component in the leaves ayurvedic herb: induces sleep Investigated the effect of various components of Ashwaganda on sleep in mice. . water extract of Ashwaganda leaf rich in .Triethvlene glvcol (TEG) promoted non-rapid . And, change rapid eye movement (REM) sleep triethylene glycol (TEG) .How? increased genetic risk, such as a mutation in the eye movement (NREM) sleep BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. aren't properly explaining the risks and the lack of survival benefit to patients, communication occurs between patient and surgeons is imp The breast cancer that is most likelyto kill a patient is the first breast cancer most likely to be discovered at a later stage and thus more likelyto have spread unrelated cancer occurring in the healthy breast is small . the alcoholic extract containing active withanolides showed no effect on sleep sleep induced by TEG was similar to normal sleep. TEG also increased the amount of NREM sleep TEG is the active component that induces physiologically sound sleep Ashwagandha is a central herb in Ayurveda .Latin name somnifera, means sleep-inducing . . . .