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1st January, 2017: Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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New Year and a new reformed course of the Hindu analysis covering editorials from The Hindu, IE and LiveMint etc. Today's Editorials are on Genomics, Raghuram Rajan's article in Mint on Democracy and economics and other Important National, International and Business news for the day

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

Unacademy user
Its now better that the Unacademy has decided to add editorials of other news agencies. But just a small suggestion, it will be very much if you go for two courses, one covering editorials from different newspapers and one having all the important national, international and business news. By this, I feel that much time can be spent on explaining the editorials and the news very clearly. A nice initiative. Thanks...
Snehasish Naskar
3 years ago
seconded the suggestion. deepanshu sir please consider this.
Karthik rajaram
3 years ago
please consider to make two videos
Anusha Tellakula
3 years ago
I agree for two courses... but I suggest dedicated course for Hindu along with editorials and other course for editorials of other papers...... so that one who is interested in Hindu alone can continue with one course.....
Akash Patel
3 years ago
I agree with Asit. Please consider it as request and prepare two separate videos.
Yes..that's a better option for wide coverage and flexibility to impart more knowledge.
Varsha M.k.j
3 years ago
I m agree with this suggestion.....better to separate videos for other editorials.....
Hii Sir.. Wishing you and our entire Unacademy family a very Happy, successful & a prosperous year ahead.. it's really a great initiative sirji..especially for us - the outsiders of provides us the necessary direction regarding CA on daily basis as well as some sort of discussion and personal interaction kind of feeling with you "The Mentor" & with others too.. One suggestion sir,please try to limit the time duration to 6-7 minutes per video in the upcoming updated course where 2 separate videos for editorials & daily news will be that we could cover up it in a limited period very concisely........ Thankyou sir.. :-)
Thanks a lot for the initiative .Please continue with this reformed version , Its really beneficial for us if you make two separate courses i.e - a) Editorials , b) All important news . Salute to the efforts of unacademy.
sir u have said " great political thinker of china fukuyama" in livemint raghuram rajan article analysis sir this is wrong , "it is written in article that he is american political scientist " here am attaching that paragraph as well u can cross check plz have a look to it . The American political scientist Francis Fukuyama has argued that liberal democracies, with their political freedom and economic success, have three important pillars: a strong government, the rule of law, and democratic accountability. I would add a fourth: free markets.
Ruchi T
3 years ago
Thanks for the info.
Really helpful sir! The best app for preparing any competitive exam! Thank yoi so much sir for this wonderful initiative! :)
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  5. Op-1 THE YEAR OF PERSONAL GENOMICS (GS-3) . It is possible to request online a test that can tell you your propensity to diabetes, autism, spondylitis and coronary heart disease-Many companies with innovative solutions GenomePatn, MedGenome etc. even a gene sequencer. - Based on one's genetic make-up, the tests can also provide information on global clinical drug trials and advise on the efficacy or toxicity of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy as an additional service to physicians and patients. . Issues involved Doctors recommendation, more awareness required, the Indian government doesn't yet have any major initiative ( unlike UK, U.S., Qatar), also very few studies on the kind of genetic variants, unique to Indians, that may make them respond differently to certain drugs or make them more vulnerable to certain diseases. . to design better drugs or sometimes use known drugs in new ways- need of cetralised Database to enable - a network of doctors across the country called GUaRDIAN helping individuals and families afflicted with . READ-PLAYING GOD JCVI-syn3.0-the smallest artificial genome ever created-hailed as one of the research and collaboration. rare diseases that may have a strong genetic component. landmark discoveries of the year 2016-work paves the way to create cells from scratch in the future.

  6. LIVEMINT: RAGHURAM RAJAN I DEMOCRACY, INCLUSION AND PROSPERITY (Gs-2) Ensuring political freedom and economic prosperity go together o Liberal and economically successful nations have- Fukuyama's 3 pillars- a strong government-effective, fair o. administration, good governance. the rule of law- code of moral behaviour, enforced by religious, cultural, or judicial authority o democratic accountability- citizens empowered to replace corrupt or incompetent rulers and free markets. All economies need a strong government to develop and prosper-but extreme form Hitlers Germany. o democratic institutions are nonetheless essential, as they enable the non-violent channelling of grievances o Lessons from History- China- chaos and strong government, Europe-tussle between church and King- In India- the caste system along with codes from ancient Indian scripture have historically constrained arbitrary exercise of power-> India's governments are rarely autocratic. Democracy and Free markets-both thrive on competition. But, whereas democracy treats individuals equally, the free-enterprise system empowers them on the basis of their income and assets prosperity for all! well- making way for more Autocratic Govt. Why then the median elector in a democracy from voting to dispossess the rich? as it sees the rich as creator of o wealthy oligarchs grew rich because they managed the system well, not because they managed their businesses

  7. MINT: RAGHURAM RAJAN I DEMOCRACY, INCLUSION AND PROSPERITY (Gs-2) A competitive free-enterprise svstem with a level plaving field for all minimizes this risk bv allowing the most efficient to acquire wealth. The difficulty in a number of Western democracies is that the playing field is being tilted-lack of access to good education The growing perception of unfairness is eroding support for the free-enterprise system. India has-strongest democratic accountability and somewhat rule of law o Way forvard_our "checks and balances" require what might be called a "balance of checks" Eg, we must not have an appellate process so slow that it halts necessary government measures. Increasing government's capacity to deliver public service o prosperity and political freedom, requires economic inclusion and a level playing field o Access to education, nutrition, healthcare, finance, and markets for all our citizens is a moral imperative, precisely because it is a precondition for sustainable and democratic-economic growth.

  8. New Year Gifts 2 new schemes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to provide 4% interest waiveron Pradhan loan ofupto9 lakhandof 3%on loan up to?12lakh. 3% interest waiver on loan upto 2lakh for construction of houses in rural areas. Govttopay interest ill | for60dayson loans taken by farmers for rabi season from district cooperative banks and primary societies. Govt to stand guaran tee for loans up to2 crorefrom current 1crore, tosmall businesses. LOAN 1 Banks asked to raise cashcreditlimitto small business to 25% from 20% 8% interest rate will be guaranteed on de- positsofupto 7.5 lakh for10 years forseniorcitizens; interest will be paid monthly. 6,000 tobeputin accounts ofpregnant women in 650 districts. 3crorefarmers who have Kisan Credit Cards, will be given RuPay debit cards within three months

  9. NATIONAL NEWS o Narendra Modi announces range of credit sops in wake of demonetization(GS-2) (Details later on)- PMAY Urban- interest subvention of 4% for loan up to 9 lakh and 3% for loan up to 12 lakh o Rural housing-loan up to 2 lakh at 3% lower interest rate Kisan Credit Cards to be replaced by RuPay card, now farmers will not have to visit branch for withdrawn of money every time For elderly people-interest rate of 8 % for deposit up to 75 lakh and for the period of 10 years o India lost 97 wild tigers in 2016: conservation authority(GS-3)-NTCA- highest in past 5 years- 31 deaths alone from M.P. other- Assam and Maharashtra o Bombay HC gave union government 6 months to take a decision on making safety sealing mandatory for healthcare and hygiene products while hearing a PIL o Agni-IV to be launched tomorrow from Abdul Kalam Island by a road mobile launcher. It is nuclear warhead 1 ton capable 4000 km surface to surface missile with two stages configuration

  10. INTERNATIONAL NEWS o China bans ivory trade, nature groups thrilled (GS-3) world's largest ivory market-could deal a critical blow to the practice of elephant poaching in Africa. Due to growing international and domestic pressure-It is termed as White gold in China and Organic gemstone o British-Indian knighted in New Year's honours Shankar Balasubramanian, an Indian-origin British professor of chemistry and DNA expert at Cambridge University, has received a Knighthood along with Olympic stars Andy Murray and Mo Farah NADA o India-Israel Relations:- India has abstained from resolutions criticising Israel position on Palestine. o In Aug 2016 India supported Israeli ambassador to become chair of UN Legal committee m of which all Arab nations opposed by voting Legal committe m of which allArab nations opposed by roting o October 2016 India changed its vote at UNESCO in Paris to an abstention on a resolution criticising Israel on encroachment of Israel on western wall near Al-Aqsa Mosque However India, time and again affirmed support to Palestine cause making the relations complex in nature in west Asia, though balanced RLD