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15th January, 2017: Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from Indian Express and EPW. The topics discussed are- Neo-Tobin Tax, Slowdown of Economy post Demonetisation, and Risk of a military conflict in South Asia post Trump's victory

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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Pressure groups are a groups of people based on similar ideologies, for eg. RSS, Kisan Sabha,FICCI etc . The essence of a democracy is that the government is accountable to the people, or else it will be voted out in the next election. Hence, the pressure groups and movements which represent a considerable number of people are in position to influence the public opinion, decision making and the general course of politics. In the Indian context following we can take note of following points: 1. In 2011, the India against corruption movement started by Anna Hazare to fight for Lokpal Bill. AAP was formed out of this group. 2.FICCI always they to ensure benefits of the Indian companies. 3. Organisations like RSS work on the ideology of Hinduism and work on religious lines. 4.narmada bacaho andolan has been fighting for the rehabilitation of the People. 5.The various organizations such as Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti organize people’s movement against bauxite mining in Niyamgiri hills, thus empowering the Dongria Kondh Tribe. Pressure groups do not contest elections. They try to influence policy making in the govt. through legal and legitimate methods like lobbying, publicity, public debates, petition and so forth. Although sometimes they do resort to illegal methods like strikes causing damage to public property. In a country like India , pressures groups play a vital role of bringing forward the concerns of a the marginalised groups. They act as a check and balance for the people In power.
Panchami V M
3 years ago
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Wish you too a Happy pongal and Makar sankranthi Deepanshu sir:)
Pressure groups always is a democratic way or ideology or group to raise their voices in a collective form and manner also is one of the effective way to raise any particular issue. Pressure groups alwyas a group of people having similar thinking on any issue and protest with them and pressurize the authority to make it in it's favour. Functions are :- 1.) Social injustice :- They raise voices against social injustices against a particular communit, woman, workers and labours 2.) Raise issue with expert knowledge :- Groups alway have expert members on the particular issue and laid down the various pros and cons in front of media, people for the authenticity of their demand, for ex. they can incude former SC judge or alumni journalists, working lawyers etc. 3.) Represent minorities :- They represent minorities and protest for their rise and upliftment, raise their issues and take legal stance for welfare of the group, file case, make protest etc. 4.) Pressure on power :- Groups pressurizes govt and authorities to make or change laws if they find not in their interests. for example, labour organization, taxman organization, ricksaw union etc. Role of Pressure groups is very important to maintain the health of democracy and make it more people friendly, however sometimes protests take violent form which are condemnable and un-democratic and lead to chaos, public property loss etc.
Section 123 of RPA- Representation of Peopel act came in year 1951 to prohit election and candidates seeking votes on the name of caste class, commuty, creed etc. RPA is a power with EC which try to mantain the secularism and equality among candidates and banned those lured hings which try to attract voters. Recently there are five poll bound states , UP, Punjab, Manipur, Goa and Uttarakhand. There are recent indicents where leaders from all parties those are seeking election ,epecially BJP, Congress, AAP, SP, BSP are nominating their candidate for election but there are cases which try to isolate the vlaue of RPA act. Recent case where in Uttarakhand, on banner P.M. Modi poster was printed to influence voters and seeks voter in the favour, later on after recemendation from ECI it was removed and parties were given strong advised that they do not use such things which try to abolish the respect and value of secular election.SC also indicated to all candiates of all paties that do not try out for any unethical method for attracting voters, all those who will be finding guilty may be they can loose their nomination and rejection of seat.
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  4. QUESTIONS FOR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE Discuss the various functions of Pressure groups while commenting their role on healthy democratic system. Use Unacademy Discuss sit to answer the daily practice questions from now on.

  5. EDITORIALS COVERED IN TODAY'S LESSON Indian Express *Across the aisle Prepare for slow down India, Out of my mind: The coming war PW Time for a Neo-Tobin Tax

  6. EPW: TIME FOR A NEO-TOBIN TAX GS-3 The underdevelopment of the domestic capital markets warrants further attention. Low Pvt. Investment in infrastructure funding. In order for capital markets to contribute significantly, funds would need to be locked in for a long period, something that foreign institutional investors (FIIs) would normally be averse to (what Former RBI Gov. Raghuram Rajan suggested) o Why Implementation is challenging- since such a limitation might have a tendency to simmer down the bullish sentiment, and the policy might end up being counterproductive- seem more prudent to use price policies instead of quantitative restrictions- Tobin Tax can be a useful mechanism. o Thus, according to Tobin, if an international consensus could be reached wherein each country was to levy a certain tax o Proponents state that the tax would help stabilize currency and interest rates because many countries' central banks do o Former RBI Governor, Y V Reddy lays stress on the Tobin tax and how it might be conducive to the Indian scenario. The idea behind the tax was to discourage substantial speculative behaviour. that would discourage volatile capital inflows, economies would be far less susceptible to fickle investor sentiment. not have the cash in reserve that would be needed to balance a currency selloff. o Globally the result has been ambiguous- Thailand, Colombia and Chile have not produced any substantial results, similarly for Brazil and Sweden. o Malaysia stands as the only country where the desired results were obtained and that too owing to the substantial stress that its public policy had put on the implementation of the same

  7. EPW: TIME FOR A NEO-TOBIN TAX GS-3 o What needs to be done- a structure that levies a substantially high tax rate on short-term capital gains than in the long term. o Holders of participatory notes (P-notes) ought to be kept on a position that is in parity with other investors such that they are not given undue advantage. This would also provide substantial scope for preventing round-tripping of money through tax havens and generation of new black money. o Levying of a neo-Tobin tax on certain segments of the financial sector may do more good than harm-Could go a long way in bringing sound, long-term capital into the economy, thus broadening the horizon for an underdeveloped bond market and hence, ensuring further pervasion of the same into key sectors

  8. ACROSS THE AISLE: PREPARE FOR SLOW DOWN INDIA GS-3 o There are four engines of growth: government expenditure, private consumption, private investment and exports o Two of the engines-private investment and exports-have languished for many months o Since November 8, 2016, however, private consumption has taken a severe blow, thanks to demonetisation. The only engine that appeared to be running was government expenditure o Slowdown of the Economy- Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the advance estimate of GDP for 2016-17- slow down from 7.56 per cent in 2015-16 to 7.09 in 2016-17- However expected- GDP will take a hit of at least 1 per cent in 2016-17 -that is a loss to the economy of Rs 1,50,000 crore- estimates in the upcoming budget. investments in the economy-CSO estimates that GFCF will decline by 0.2 per cent in 2016-17, and is unlikely to grow in o CSO and FM by denying its impact by stating increase in tax revenues- thus preparing a ground for aggressive revised o Engine of Investment- The critical number is Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF), which is a measure of future- spillover of demonetization. (Jan-March 5.35 -1.90, Apr-June 7.11-3.10 ,July-Sep 9.70 -5.59) o net fixed assets of corporates have shrunk across all major categories of sectors o Other dismal Indicators- FPI turned negative, credit growth has plummeted to an all-time low, PMI, Manufacturing index etc. o What this means for the common people- fewer jobs, more layoffs or retrenchment, low growth in incomes, and fewer people lifted out of poverty

  9. IE: OUT OF MY MIND: THE COMING WAR GS-2 o With Donald Trump taking charge as the New President of United States of America, what can be expected in the arena of International relations Trump-Modi-Both Won the elections, when actually no one expected them to as they both were kind of an Outsider. o They are both nationalists but there is one big difference. Modi wants to take India to the top. Trump is worried that America has slipped from its top position- Make America great again! Synergy between the two-will work in International Relations-America, Russia, China and India-It is seriously likely that the coming years will see a heightening of tensions among the four. o There is an implicit understanding that India and America will stand together. o Trump has singled out China as the major economic problem for America. Russia, on the other hand, has no problems with China. o India and Russia have been allies for decades. Trump has expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin o Worst Case scenario-It is America and India against China. Russia may stand aside from this confrontation o If there is an actual military conflict, it will be across the India-China border and in the South China Sea o Trump- took the unusual step of being friendly with the President of Taiwan. It took America 25 years before it recognised the People's Republic of China as the legitimate power rather than Taiwan.-he was tweaking China's tail. o Rising risk of a military conflict-with South Asia being the center of conflict