CAT 2023 » Top Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admission: Current Affairs, Business & Economy, Social Issues and Abstract Topics

Top Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admission: Current Affairs, Business & Economy, Social Issues and Abstract Topics

One of the primary phases of the MBA admissions process, the group discussion, or GD, can make or break your prospects of being accepted into the business school of your choice. Because GD is a tested method for determining a person’s readiness for business management training and a job. GD evaluates a candidate’s overall personality, including knowledge, viewpoint, leadership, communication, and group-behaviour skills—aspects essential to a successful manager. Get the Top Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admission of the IIMs and top MBA schools in India.

What is a Group Discussion? Why is it so relevant in MBA admissions?

GDs for MBA admission typically last 20 to 25 minutes, during which time a group of students is assigned a subject to debate. Before the conversation begins, students have around 5 minutes to prepare their subject. The panellists pay close attention to the speakers’ spoken English, self-assurance, mental clarity, capacity to make a compelling case, and leadership skills throughout the conversation since these traits are essential for someone to be successful as a company manager or administrator.

Group Discussions (GD) are a crucial component of the admissions process for MBA programmes. A strong performance at this point is essential for making the cutoff. Group Discussion Topics for MBA enrollment are based on a range of subjects, including business, economics, and current events. Therefore, it’s critical to keep informed about the topics that have an impact on every part of our life. 

What is judged during a Group Discussion?

The group discussion approach is a very good tool to assess an MBA candidate’s capacity for teamwork. The following is a list of the characteristics evaluated during the MBA Group Discussion:

  • How well can you communicate?
  • Your degree of comfort speaking to the other group members.
  • How open you are to other points of view.
  • How adaptable or inflexible you are while engaging in an argumentative conversation.
  • Your capability as a leader
  • Your analytical skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Effective time management
  • Your capacity for making justifiable decisions
  • Common courtesy and social behaviour

Types of Group Discussion Topics

Qualified applicants must pass the GD and/or WAT rounds held by management institutes once the results of the MBA admission examinations are announced. For MBA admissions, candidates may predict four different kinds of Group Discussion Topics.

  • Current Affairs
  • Business & Economy
  • Social Issues
  • Abstract Topics

Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs

  • Atmanirbhar Bharat: Call for self-reliance
  • Bio-war and bio-weapons are new means of world supremacy
  • Chandrayaan-2 mission
  • Citizenship Amendment Act – What and Why
  • Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy
  • COVID 19: Importance of spending on Public Health
  • Discuss Union Budget India 2022-23
  • Doklam Standoff
  • Farm Bill Amendment -The new agricultural bill
  • Farmers’ Protest and MSP
  • Free Speech is an excuse to polarise
  • How beneficial is the IIM 2017 bill for students?
  • How will the Abrogation of Article 370 improve the situation in Kashmir
  • Indo-Russia Relations
  • Is the banning of Pakistani artists from India justified?
  • Is India ready for electric vehicles?
  • Is it still too early for India to have bullet trains?
  • Is social distancing the new world order?
  • Is Trump creating a World Trade War?
  • Jal Jeevan Mission
  • Metaverse and Future
  • NEP: The new education policy
  • Online Education
  • Population Control Bill
  • Repealing of Farm Bills
  • Should there be a limit to Media Freedom?
  • Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan
  • Tata taking over Air India
  • Ukraine-Russia Conflict
  • Uniform Civil Code
  • UP Elections
  • World post-COVID-19

Abstract Topics for Group Discussion

  • Building strategies Vs Execution
  • Can failures teach you important life lessons?
  • Change is the only constant
  • Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers?
  • Ethics or Profit?
  • The first impression is the last impression.
  • Freedom: A Myth?
  • Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?
  • Hard Work Vs Smart Work
  • How important is it to be patient in Business and Management?
  • Innovation Vs Invention
  • Leader Vs Follower
  • Self Motivation
  • Thoughts on the Me Too Campaign
  • Women are better multi-taskers- agree or disagree?
  • Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Business Related Topics for GD

  • Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India
  • Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?
  • Demonetization: Discuss its Success & failures
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the retail sector 
  • High Deficit Financing V/s high-interest rates: Can both go together?
  • How beneficial is the merger of Public Sector Banks?
  • How can we control banking fraud to reduce NPAs?
  • How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy?
  • Is an MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?
  • Make in India campaign
  • Minimum Support Price: Is it a Political gimmick?
  • Should Business Lobbying be made legal in India?
  • Should the Indian economy be privatised?
  • Statue of Unity – Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?
  • Views on Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency
  • Views on Merging the General & Railway Budget
  • Ways in which Technology is impacting the Banking sector

Social Issues topics for GD

  • Crime against women
  • Does Browsing at Workplace affect productivity?
  • Environment and us
  • Give views on the present system of education in our country
  • Does India need a uniform civil code- For or against?
  • Rural vs Urban India        
  • Should the national anthem be played in cinema halls?
  • Smart City Project – How useful will they be?
  • Social Media: A boon or a bane for society?
  • The success of the Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Views on Climate Change Summit
  • Views on Retirement Homes   

Do's and Don't of GD

  • Consider your words before you speak.
  • If you don’t fully understand much about the issue, seek input from the debate and add intelligently relevant topics that occur to your mind.
  • If necessary, support your arguments with facts and statistics.
  • Keep your remarks brief and avoid repeating your views.
  • Participating in group conversation requires active listening, so pay attention to others.
  • Treat people with respect and be considerate of their opinions.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the subject, don’t start the conversation.
  • Avoid speaking during other members’ speeches.
  • If a speaker before you made the arguments more persuasive than you did, don’t be scared.
  • Avoid asking pointless questions.
  • Avoid bringing up personal biases you may have on the subject.

What if you don’t have the opportunity to speak in a GD, even if you are well-versed on the topic and have outstanding communication skills? In a group conversation where everyone is vying for dominance, how do you make yourself heard? We are aware that keeping a nice tone when opposing a teammate’s point of view is a top priority on the list. But how can you do that when the GD becomes a scene from a fish market? Stay out of the chaos since that’s where your leadership ability, teamwork, and problem-solving will be put to the test by seeing how well you can function in an unorganised setting. Hope this article gives you insights on various Group Discussion Topics.


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