CAT Mock Test assists you in preparing for the forthcoming CAT Exam & increases your chances of passing with a high percentile.

The CAT 2022 test date has been provisionally set for November 2022. One must plan and thoroughly prepare for the IIM CAT 2022 Exam. The CAT Mock Test is intended to assist you in self-assessment and identifying gaps and defects in your test preparation so that you may make the necessary modifications and earn a high percentile.

The CAT Test Series may be taken on both computers and mobile phones. Studying with CAT Mock also enhances your time management, problem-solving speed, and accuracy. Analyse the performance after every mock test and gradually increase your level to surpass your opponents. 

CAT Mock Test

CAT mock test 2022 intends to familiarise candidates with various facets of CAT 2022, like how to write answers, difficulty level, exam pattern,  and so on. Candidates who have completed the CAT 2022 application form can open the CAT mock test by entering the application number and birth date. Candidates can take the CAT mock tests online from any location. They only require a computer and an internet connection. Those who don’t have a laptop available can take this same CAT mock test at a cybercafe. The most significant benefit of CAT mocks is that it allows you to assess your preparation for the CAT exam.

Mock Test

Regarding paper form and marking procedure, online mock exams are identical to actual examinations, allowing you to assess your true talents and identify areas for growth. A mock test is an exam similar to an actual exam but contains different information. The questions are structured similarly, and you have the same time frame to solve them. 

Mock tests are models of actual exams that are similar in design but include different information. You will be able to examine the answers and scores and rank other people who took the same exam after submitting the test.

People from various areas of life take mock exams. Online mock exams allow students to save time while still effectively studying for the exam. Students may virtually take online practice exams at the push of a button. Giving mock tests online also provides applicants with valuable preparation for the actual examination.  Attending mock examinations is regarded as one of the most significant preparation tactics for students, as most toppers remark in successful interviews.

Importance of Mock Tests

Here are some reasons why a mock test is critical for any competitive exam.

  • Examine your performance and preparation

Mock exams will provide you with feedback on how successful your preparation is. They will assist you in retaining concepts and remembering what you have learnt and mastered. It will also help you revise the curriculum after each mock exam.

  • Teaches to manage your time effectively

Solving mocks daily will show you how quick or sluggish you are. When you solve mocks, you may discover that you require more time for one portion than another.

When you understand this, you can arrange how much you will spend on each area so that you can finish the paper and still have a chance to think about a specific subject.

  • Simulates an actual exam

Mock exams acquaint students with the actual exam situations. These practice examinations are given under stressful settings to assess pupils’ understanding. As a result, students are expected to take this exam seriously.

  • Enhances confidence

Giving practice exams, scoring well, responding to questions that are familiar to you, and feeling that you are well prepared for the exam, all enhance applicants’ confidence. Mock examinations provide applicants an extra boost and enjoyment while also making them happy and calm. They may complete the adjustments with greater assurance, knowing their efforts will be rewarded. Good grades will motivate candidates to strive even more.

  • Increases clarity

Giving an actual test necessitates several factors, including adequate time management, proper preparation, clever replying tactics, writing speed, and so on. An applicant may have the appropriate response approach yet be poor at time management, or vice versa. A candidate should take a mock test to avoid making similar errors on the main examination to analyse their performance. Knowing where a person stands will assist them in doing better there in exams.

  • Aids to deal with anxiety.

Many students become worried a few days well before the exam. They are underprepared or believe they will be unable to offer their utmost effort in the test. However, taking practice examinations and doing well instantly calms them down. Candidates report feeling less pressured and anxious. They are more concerned with proper preparation than worrying about the outcome, etc. Applicants must be psychologically prepared and comfortable to do well in the tests.

  • Allows you to keep track of the progress

Taking a mock test allows a candidate to track their progress. For example, if a person takes a mock test and finds some questions challenging, they might work hard to learn more about the idea. And when they take the next fake test, they will be able to assess whether or not they have improved. This will prevent students from making the same error on the actual exam. Giving mock examinations is the most effective technique to track your advancement and make necessary modifications.

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CAT Mock Test Strategy

If you are just beginning to take Mock CATs or have only taken several mocks, some fundamental principles and strategies can help you in the CAT Preparation journey. 

  • Regardless of past preparation, take a Mock test

The first step is to take a mock test, regardless of how much preparation you have done. This will allow you to become acquainted with the testing atmosphere, receive an early appraisal of your place among test takers, and, most importantly, gain firsthand knowledge of what’s ahead for the remainder of the season.

  • Scores on mock tests are not of too much importance

You should write this down on a large piece of chart paper, hang it on the wall, and refer to it each time you begin to analyse a practice exam. Don’t let this overtake you. Percentiles are irrelevant. Finding out what errors you committed and what you need to do differently on your subsequent practice exam is more important because it is what would help you advance.

The purpose of the first three to four Mock CATs is for you to blow up and correct all of your beginner errors. Don’t be concerned about receiving the 65th percentile on your third mock. Correct mistakes to advance. It requires time. 

  • Try for Accuracy in comparison to attempts

Fifteen questions with 100% correctness outperform 20 questions with 85% accuracy.

Don’t take chances with MCQs because they have negative grading. In the preceding example, answering 20 problems with 85% accuracy results in a higher score. However, if you gamble with only an 80% accuracy and get a few extra questions wrong, you may get a lower score. Don’t take this risk; it’s simply not worth it.

  • Carefully analyse each mock & avoid the same mistakes

Taking a mock without evaluating them is like shooting arrows without considering if they struck the target. Each simulated test must be properly examined for at least three hours. The analysis will assist you in determining which simple questions you overlooked, questions you should have left out, and how you may better manage the time and increase your score.

If you genuinely study for the CAT test 2022 and want to get a high percentile, you must take every additional Mock Tests to prepare for the CAT exam. Practising online CAT mocks will aid you in many ways, such as obtaining a feel for the actual CAT test hall and learning how to solve CAT questions during exams. Many more benefits of Mock tests have been discussed in the article. So keep preparing for your exams with the right approach.

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