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The Moderates Era 1885-1905 (in Hindi)
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This was the earliest faction of INC who exposed the exploitation of India at the hands of Britain but believed into petitions and constiyutional methods to put foeward their demands.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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the way you explain things it seems like you've lived every moment in the past ,it's amazing
sir please provide pdf
Lord Curzon didn't liked Congress .....seems that he was the founder of BJP ....hAAAhaAAAaahahah ...kidding
i want to thank you sir for the course ...simple and crisp....the way you explained the events in an easily understandable language was icing on the cake...i never liked History ,but this course helped me a lot...moreover i am a professional and dont have much time...but with these short 15 min course i can get an idea and read the same from books later on plus i have downloaded the course in mobile and hence can lisyen it on the go which i think is a big advantage....I seriously thank yo for helping me and thousand of aspirants.... Most importantly i want to thank Dr Roman Saini for his thought of teaching for free,,,He left his job of an IAS to help people become one....Great...Hats off Sir...Plus the dedication of your team....take a bow
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  5. Moderates era 1885-1905 * 1897 - Chapekar Brothers were deported without trial They had killed W.C Rand british palgue commissioner for Pune and Lt Ayerst for the atrocities committed by them

  6. Moderates era 1885-1905 * 1897 - Tilak was tried for sedition and was imprisoned - It was said that his writings provoked Chapekar Brothers

  7. Moderates era 1885-1905 . 1898 - A law was passed which made exciting feelings of disaffection against the government an offence.

  8. Moderates era 1885-1905 1904 - Indian Official Secrets Act was passed -Aimed against the freedom of press

  9. Moderates era 1885-1905 1904 - Indian universities Act -Meant to curb the autonomy of the universties - To check the growing nationalism through them

  10. Moderates era 1885-1905 Lord Curzon had anti congress attitude and didn't gave heed to any of the demands June 1905 -Curzon declared Partition of bengal In June Swadeshi Movement