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Extremists Era: Swadeshi Movement (in Hindi)
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On contrary to moderates, extremists were more aggressive and expressive. The Swadeshi struggle was meant to oppose Partition of Bengal in which extremists took the command from moderates and brought a new wave of Nationalism.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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sir maine apke president ke lectures ssc baba me dekha hai...kya yaha ka lectures sme hai? or is it different...
approximately same hi lectures hoge... but in these lectures you definitely learn some new things ... so I request you to watch this series again for better understanding of topics... or tumhara revision bhi ho jayega in topics ka... kafi important topics hai ye sab... maximum questions inni topics se aate hai exam me...
:9:48 the way you paused here really had an impact on me as a listener the only thing this series is missing is cinematic music awesome work really really awesome... thank for putting history as history
sir Bolun Chandra Paul was also a Bengali
gokhle bahut mean the Tilak ka support karte toh kabka freedom mil jaata
स्वदेशी आन्दोलन से देश में काफी सुधार आया हैं और इसका व्यापक असर व्यपार में देखा गया था इसके कारन देश में नयी फेक्ट्री खोली गई और यही अंग्रेजों के लिए चिंता का कारन था क्यूंकि धन ही आत्म निर्भरता का पहला मुकाम हैं जिससे देश का आत्म विश्वास बढ़ा ... आन्दोलन की जरुरत आज भी हैं ताकि हम विकासशील से विक्सित देश बन सके .... आपकी जानकारी अमूल्य हैं धन्यवाद
स्वदेशी आन्दोलन का प्रभाव काफी अच्छा भी था क्यूंकि उससे देश में नया व्यापार शुरू हुआ और देश अपने बूते पर सम्पन्नता की तरफ बढ़ने लगा और यही अंग्रेजो की बड़ी हार थी आज के समय में भी यही सबसे जरुरी हैं कि हम वस्तुओं के लिए स्वदेशी मार्किट कि तरफ बढ़े
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 13 The Extremists era- Swadeshi Movement

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indian . INC BRITAIN VS Extremists 1905-1915

  3. INC Moderates 1885-1905 Extremist 1905-1915 Gandhiji 1915-1947 Bande Mataram Weekly Elitio

  4. Lord Curzon 1898-1905 Lord Curzon had anti congress attitude and didn't gave heed to any of the demands of Moderates He observed the growing Nationalism in Bengal .Jan 1904. -Idea was announced July 1905 16th Oct 1905 Curzon declared Partition of Bengal Bengal was partitioned on the pretext of too big to administer but actually "divide and rule"

  5. 1904 . The idea of partition was announced (Jan) Journals like Bengalee (Surendranath bannerjee) and Sanjibni (Krishna Kumar mitra) wrote vehemently against it . INC opposed it and protest started all over the Bengal Petitions were signed and sent to GOl and Secretary of state

  6. 1904 . It all had no effect . December - Congress session at Bombay Henry Cotton, ex chief comm of assam, chaired it He opposed the idea varatio KE

  7. ls INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS GROUP, BOMBAY, DECEMBER 1904. INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS GROUP, BOBY,DECEER 1904. Front Row. From left to right. Dinshaw Edulji Wacha (ex-President), Sir William Wedderburn, Bart. (ex-President), Sir Phirozeshah M. Mehta, KC.LE, (ex-President), ir Henry Cotton, K C.S.I. (President), Samuel Snith, M.P., Surendro Nath Banerjea (ex-President), and J. N. Ghosal, Second Row. From left to right. anter, R K. Cama the Hon. G. K, Gokhale, AM. Viraraghava Chariar, Second Row, From left to right. F.J. La, H. A. Wadia, N. M. Saker, R. K. Cama, the Hon. G. K. Gokhale, M. Viraraghava Chariar, the Hon. G. K. Parekh, Shamrao Vithal, S C. Sarbadhikari, and Hasan Budrudin Tyabjl

  8. 1905 July - Curzon declared Partition of Bengal . 7th August -Anti partition movement started by congress

  9. Anti Partition movement Main leaders were Moderates i.e Surendranath Banerjee and Krishna Kumar Mitra Extremists leader assisted them . Demonstration at Town hall, Calcutta

  10. 16Th October 190!5 Partition of Bengal

  11. Swadeshi Movement Gradually it was realised that a more effective approach would need more precised tools. the protest government Swadeshi and boycott was incorporated into Swadeshiand boycott was incorporated into . The idea was to hit at the profit of the

  12. 1905 December - Congress session at Benaras Gopal Krishna Gokhale chaired it He condemned the idea of partition Supported swadeshi and boycott org

  13. INC Moderates 1885-1905 Extremist 1905-1915 Gandhiji 1915-1947 Bande Mataram Weekly Elitio

  14. Swadeshi Movement Extremists took the command They called for Passive resistance along with Swadeshi and Boycott Tilak saw it as an oppurtunity to wage an all India struggle and a mass movement He used Ganpati and Shivaji festivals to propogate Swadeshi ideas The movement sparked to other provinces like Madras Bombay etc . Tiaksa tas an oprunityto wage

  15. Game of Thrones Common Indian INC BRITAIN VS Extremists 1905-1915 Swadeshi Movement Suratsplit