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INC Inception, Moderates & Extremists (in Hindi)
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Various political parties were formed prior to Indian National Congress but INC had a national character and later it became the carrier of National movement.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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Unacademy user
Ankita Podder
a year ago
Keep practising.
Sir who use the term swaraj first Dayananda saraswati or Dadbhai Naoroji
dayanand saraswati imo.
Chandan kumar
2 years ago
dadabhai naroji firstly used the word SWARAJ publically in 1906 in calcutta session but the term swaraj was coined by Dayanand saraswati
if Dayanand Saraswati did not coined swaraj publically how do we know that it was coined by him? OBV it was publically!
Lala lajpat rai estd DAV school? Isn't it Dayanand Saraswati?
Kumar Ayush
a year ago
mahatma hansraj
sir home rule of tilak was different from that of Annie besent
Its like ready to eat & much like spoon feeding...thnx a ton for such awesome course & so much hard work...
sir i have some issues in part of BAL GANGADHAR u told he started HOME RULE LEAGUE WITH ANNIE BESENT in 1908 but after that in part of LALA LAJPAT RAI YOU told he started HOME RULE LEAGUE IN 1914 AT USA and after BAL GANGADHAR started home rule sir pls explain
Ankur Thakur
2 years ago
i am also confused with this...
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 11 INC inception, moderates & Extremists

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indian BRITAIN VS

  3. Experience of 1857 Grievnances of various section Western thought and education Political awakening of India Feeling of Nationalism . . Press and literature . Social and religious Social and religious reforms

  4. Political Org. before congress East India Association 1866 Dadabhai Naoroji Poona sarvajanik sabha 1870 MG Ranade Indian Association of Calcutta Surendranath, Anand Mohan Bose 1875 Madras Mahajan sabha 1884 Anand Charlu 1885 Bombay Presidency Pheroze shah,Tyabji

  5. Indian National Congress Founded By English Civil Servant A.O. Hume First session at Bombay in 1885 headed by WO Bannerjee attended by 72 delegates

  6. Objectives of INC . Communication and relation between nationalist workers in different part of the country Develop national unity Putting popular demands before the govt Training public opinion Social reforms .

  7. INC Moderates 1885-1905 Extremist 1905-1915 Gandhiji 1915-1947 Bande Mataram Weekly Elitio

  8. Moderates era 1885-1905 Strived for political and social reforms through constitutional methods - Indianisation of administration Separtion of executive from judiciary Welfare of state -Agricultural banks -Social reform - education ewas not on the list

  9. Moderates era 1885-1905 Tried to expose the economic expoitation of India and oppose such economic policies created a feeling of nationalism and a public opinion against imperialism Great impact on social reforms Created Early National Movement

  10. Dadabhai Naoroji ."Grand Old man of India" 1866 found East India Association in London to raise the issues of India Wrote "Poverty and unBritish rule in India" which propounded drain theory. . Active congress leader of moderates faction and hold presidentship for max times ie 3 times Was the first to use the term Swaraj in session in 1906.

  11. Gopal Krishna Gokhale Political Guru of Gandhiji and Jinnah Founder of servants of Indian society . 1905 presided the Benaras session of INC and condemned Partition of Bengal . Rivalry with Bal Gangadhar Tilak

  12. Kadambini Ganguly * 1890 First woman to address the congress session

  13. INC Moderates 1885-1905 Extremist 1905-1915 Gandhiji 1915-1947 Bande Mataram Weekly Elitio

  14. "Lokmanya' Bal Gangadhar Tilak "Swaraj is my Birth right and I will have it" Editor of Kesari(marathi) and Maharatta(english) No revenue campaign n Maharashtra during famine 1896 Member of Deccan Eduction society and led to establishment of New English school which later became Fergusson college

  15. Lala Lajpat Rai "Punjab Kesari" Actively participated with Tilak in swadeshi movement and was deported to Burma in 1907 Founded Indian Home Rule league in USA 1914 Editor of Punjabee . . .

  16. ala Lai Wrote and estd DAV with Hans raj 1921 found Servants of People Society at Lahore Unhappy India Young India Arya Samaj England's debt to India The USA- A hindus Impression . Associated with PNB and lakshmi Insurance Died while protesting against Simon c . ommission

  17. Bipin Chandra Pal . Father of revolutionery thought in India .Started Paridarsak(weekly,) . Assistant editor of Bengal Public Opiniona Tribune Edited Bande Matram with Aurobindo Ghosh He preached Swadeshi, Boycott and National education

  18. Bande Mataram Weekly Edition. UBLISHED EVERY SENDAY Aurobindo Ghosh OUR PICTURE QALLERY Criticised moderates for their methods through his writings in Indu Prakash, New lamps for the old Editor of Bande matram through which he advocated Passive Resistance SJT. AUROBINDO GHOSE. In 1906 congress session he assisted in forming four fold objective of "Swaraj Swadesh, Boycott and National education" Became principal of Bengal National college started in Calcutta in 1906 algf Bengal National collge started