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Revolutionaries (in Hindi)
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Revolutionary trend grew parallel to main stream nationalism and many revolutionaries sacrificed their life for the country. This lesson is about major personalities and events.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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bredigs arc method CMC, Kraft temperature ??????????
You unfortunately forgot to mention Great Revolutionary Shree NathuRam Godse
Sir, believe me its not just a modern history lectures or vedios but also a motivational vedios to raise nationalism. thank you .
perfect comment bro.. loved it...
Sir Anushilan samiti at calcutta was not founded by Barindra kumar ghosh because you told he joined it later. please clear me?????????????
Akash gusain
5 months ago
anushilan samiti was founded by Promotha Mitter including Barindra kumar Ghosh.
Sir I think Anushilan samiti at calcutta was founded by Satish Chandra basu not by Barindra kumar ghosh because you told he joined it later. please clear me?????????????
FYI: The revolutionary Surya Sen was also know as "Masterda" as he was a teacher before
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter Revolutionaries

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indian INC 1905 191 REVOLUTIONARIES VS .Swadeshi Movement - Surat split BRITAIN - Lucknow Pact .HOME RULE MOVEMENT Gandhian era 1915-1947 Familiarizatien1915-1920 Civil Disobedience Movement

  3. growth of revolutionaries.... . Political arousal of the masses Failure of the leaders on several front Energy not tapped positively Inuman treatment faced by Indians Frustation and hatred

  4. Chapekar Brothers . 1898 . Damodar and BalKrishna . Killed plague commissioner W C Rand along with Ayrest for his atrocities Deported without trial

  5. Savarkar Brothers . Ganesh and Vinayak . Found 2 secret societies 1899 Mitra mela 1907 Abhinava Bharat

  6. Anushilan Samiti 1902 @Calcutta . Founders Barindrakumar Ghosh - Jatindranath Bannerjee Pramotha Mitra Bande Mataram Weekly Edition. Later joined by OUR PIOTURE GALLERY. -Aurobindo Ghosh (Bande matram) Barindra Ghosh (Yugantar) SJT. AUROBINDO GMOSE

  7. Anushilan Samiti @ Dhaka . Pulin Das Spread to Assanm More than 500 branches .Threw bomb at Lord Hardinge

  8. Anushilan Samiti Jugantar Barindra Kumar Ghosh Bhupendra nath Dutta Abinash Bhattacharya Later became a society itself

  9. Anushilan Samiti Kennedy Murders 1908 Khudiram Bose(arrested) and Prafulla chaki (suicide)threw bomb at a carriage assuming it to be carrying Muzzafarnagar judge kingsford Aurobindo (no evidence) and Barindra (death sentence) were arrested

  10. Anushilan Samiti Bagha Jatin . Jatindranath Mukherjee .Revitalised the organisation and strengthened links Hideouts at Sunderbans . Created terror during WWI . Organized capture od Fort william, disruption of rail etc . Died fighting in Orissa

  11. Ghadar Party 1913 Formed by Lala Har Bakhna C San Francisco Dayal and Sohan SinghR Ghadar Party . Agitated by Komagata Maru incident

  12. Anushilan Samiti Hindustan Republican Association SAUNDER'S Murder 1928 By Bhagat Singh, Azad and To avenge Lala Lajpat Rai Rajguru @Lahore d.

  13. Anushilan Samiti Hindustan Socialist Republican Association Bomb in Central Legislative Assembly 1929 By Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt To make deaf hear arrested

  14. Anushilan Samiti Chittagong Armoury raid 1930 By Surya Sen and his followers Arrested later and executed

  15. Other strands: India house . 1905 @ london . Shyamji Krishna Verma . Indian Home Rule society Indian Sociologist (journal) . Members INDIAN SOCIOLOGIST Savarkar Hardayal Madanlal Dhingra THE ETILICS OF DYSAMITE AND Assasinated Curzon Willie in 1909 RITISH