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Civil Disobedience & Round Table Conference (in Hindi)
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The civil disobedince started with Dandi March and brought a new wave of nationalism into the country. But in the Second RTC the communal lines proved to be more stronger.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter Civil Disobedience & Round Table Conferences

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indian INC Extremists1905-1915 BRITAIN VS Swadeshi Movement - Surat split - Lucknow Pact HOME RULE MOVEMENT Gandhian era 1915-1947 Nen-Ceeperatien Mevement 1921-22 Civil Disobedience Movement (1930-34)

  3. Dec'1928 Congress session @ Calcutta Motilal Nehru president Nehru report was accepted Dominion status clause was not liked by youth 2 year (later 1) grace period given to govt to accept demand for dominion status If not accepted then Civil Disobedience All India Youth Congress was formed

  4. Dec'1929 Congress session @Lahore .Jawahar Lal Nehru president Purna Swarj was accepted as the goal Boycott RTC Legislative members to resign Jan 1930 -Civil Disbedience was to be launched -1st Independence day to be celebrated on 26 . Dec 31 1929 Tricolor flag was hoisted at the banks of Ravi

  5. Eleven Point Ultimatum 1. Abolition of salt tax 2, 50% reduction in land revenue 3. Protecion of indigenous textile industry 4. Reduction in military expenses 5. Reduction in civil expenses 6. Prohbition of intoxicants 7. Reform in CID 8. Right to possess arms for defence 9. Reservation of coastal shipping for Indians 10. Lower exchange ratio 11. Release all political prisoners

  6. Eleven Point Ultimatum . Gandhiji presented his demands to Lord Irwin Waited for 41 days The launched Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) . He started with DANDI MARCH on 12th April 1930

  7. Dandi March . 12th Mar- 30th April 1930 From sabarti ashram to Dandi at Gujrat coast 240miles Salt was collected at beach ma

  8. at the course.... Nation wide uprising . Disobedience of laws Picketing of foreign liqour and cloth shops 'People left govt jobs .Refused land revenue Texile workers went on strike . Gandhiji and Nehu arrested...massive protest

  9. Govt reaction Nationwide suppression Lathicharge and firing Arrested 900000 satyagrahis Press was gagged CWC was declared illegal However accepted the idea of arbitration by Tez bahadur Sapru and M R jayakar Arbitration failed in August 1930

  10. 1st Round Table Conference (Nov 1930- Jan 1931) .@London .It was realised that without Congress boycotted it Attended by Congress no discussion would make sense Rep of British political paties Delegates from Indian states Delegates from British India Muslim League .Hindu mahasabha Depressed castes Indian Liberal Federation