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1857 Revolt (in Hindi)
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This was the first attempt of Indians to claim what belonged to them.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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very nice sir and thank you
Helpful in providing a overall trajectory of modern Indian history
khub ladi mardani wo to jhansi wali rani thi....i wish i could have the teacher like you in my are awesome ;) (y)
Isme kahi bhi mangal pandey ka naam nahi liya gaya
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 9 1857-The Revolt

  2. Game of Thrones Home Team Visiting Team (COD BRITAIN yderabad . English (EIC) . Carmatic .FrenchCommo Punjab Marathas Common Indiarn

  3. LUSTRATED TIMA The Revolt of 1857

  4. The Revolt of 1857 Refered as First war of Independence . Result of British policies Broke out as Sepoy mutiny Spread to Northern and central Indi:a Spread to Northern and central India . Widely Supported by the peasants . Bahadur Shah became its face Hindu Muslim unity

  5. BUT.. Highly localised .unorganised ...unplanned Roam around narrow interests Lacked efficient common leadership Upper class supportive to British Nationalism was still in embryonic stage .

  6. The Revolt of 1857: CAUSES Hardships of peasants...famines Foreigness of the british rule Reverses faced in Ist Afghan war,Punjab war, Crimean wars..Santhal wars Annexation of Oudh 1856 . . Discontent among Indian princes Rule vs religion Sparked from greased cartridgs

  7. It began at Meerut...10th May 1857

  8. The beginning 3rd Native cavalry refused greased cartridges. . Disbanded and jailed...revolted Moved to Delhi for Bahadur Shah's support Local army also joined them...Europeans were killed

  9. The beginning . Bahadur Shah became the leader of the revolt . He urged the princes and chiefs to join this uprising. .This caused a sudden wave of uprising in Bengal, Oudh, Rohilkhand, Bundelkhand, Bihar, Punjab and Central India which included civilians

  10. Revolt main centres Delhl Kanpur Lucknow Barelly Jhansi Arrah

  11. Delhi

  12. Delhi Bahadur Shah was the nominal leader " General Bakht khan...acting leader


  14. JHANSI Rani Laxmibai was assisted by sepoys State was annexed under Doctrine of Lapse Captured Gwalior.. assisted by Tantiya Tope A martyr

  15. Arrah " Lead by Kunwar singh " Zamindar of Jagdishpur

  16. . Suppression of the Revolt

  17. Main causes localised nature of the revolt . Lack of support for each other help of many states to British Made the revolt easy to suppress . Inefficient leadership of Bahadur Shah Reinforcements

  18. Captain Hudsor arrested Bahadur Shah zafar e Deported to Rangoon