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Extremists Era: Swadeshi Movement - Part 2 (in Hindi)
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Extremists and moderates could not resolve their difference and this lead to split at Surat in 1907. Thus also extinguished the Swadeshi movement.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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Plz Quant cover kijiye na plz sir....and nice course of reasoning...
sir i hv no wrds...... sir.. really no wrds... history itni intesting v ho skti sir.. mne to history hi optnl le lia h . grt sir..
glad to know that :)
Asif ali
2 years ago
thank u so much sir...
HIstory made easy, thanks a lot sir.
Excellent lecture sir....... "1906 me Minto aae aur kaha Dekho bhai moderate log ye movement sab band karo aacha nahi lagta hai ye sab........." Ish se kabhi Lord Minto 1906 to bhulega nahi life time sir....Thank you for this.
sir your teaching style is awesome..thank you sir..
thanks sir .I am very very thankful to you .sir
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 14 The Extremists era- Swadeshi Movement (B) SURAT SPLIT 10

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indian INC BRITAIN VS Extremists 1905-1915 Swadeshi Movement Suratsplit

  3. INC Moderates 1885-1905 Extremist 1905-1915 Gandhiji 1915-1947 Bande Mataram Weekly Elitio SURAT SPLIT 10

  4. The suppression Govt resorted to severe actions to crush the movement even singing of bande Matram was banned Meetings were restricted - Imprisonment, corporal punishment Freedom of Press was curbed Govt tried to segregate Moderates from Extremists SURAT SPLIT 10

  5. rising tension... Moderates Were opposed to the idea - . Their methods were not " They were still negotiating Extremists They converted it into mass struggle of all India struggle " Their popularity helped proving fruitful with British for reforms while the movement was on. them to reach masses and were more effective. They were demanding Swaraj SUURAT SPLIT 17

  6. increasing tension... . 1906 Lord Minto(Viceroy) and John Morley (sec of state) persuaded moderates with promise of reforms in Legislative council. Nov 1905 Nov 1911 SURAT SPLIT 17

  7. Split avoaided.. December 1906 Congress session at Calcutta headed by Dadabhi Naoroji Respected by both so split was avoided He declared that our goal is "Swaraj or self govt as that of UK or the colonies" The resolution were passed on Swadeshi Swaraj . Boycott National education National council of Education (15 Aug1906 )was created -A National college started -Aurobindo ghosh becamen principal

  8. Surat Split 1907 . December 1907 Congress session at Surat - headed by RashBehari Ghosh Congress splits into moderates and extremists SURAT SPLIT 10

  9. Split in Congress Moderates Extremists VS SURAT SPLIT 10

  10. Aftermath of Surat Split Moderates Extremist They were pacified through They lost the protection of Morley Mino Reform 1909 Legislative council was expanded Along with clause of "Separate Electorates" the moderates Newspapers were suppressed .Leaders imprisoned "COMMUNALISM" SURAT SPLIT 10

  11. The suppression With the loss of Extremists leaders, Congress lost their touch with masses . Gradually the movement subdued SURAT SPLIT 10