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Extremists Era: Home Rule and Lucknow Pact (in Hindi)
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Finally the two sections of INC reunited at Lucknow session 1916. Muslimm league also joined hands with congress to put forward commoon demands brfor govt. Meannwhile Tiak and Annie Besant started Home rule movement....

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Abhishek Srivastava
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Unacademy user
Nitish Kumar
a year ago
Great sarvesh...keep going😊
I'm a bit confused you said first INC woman president was madam Ganguly then 1st Indian woman president was Sarojini Naydu so how can Mrs. Annie Besant be the 1st woman prez of INC session?? Can anyone clear my doubt??
Manoj gangwar
2 years ago
annie besant was 1st women prez ,where as sarojni naidu was 1st INDIAN women prez
Manoj gangwar
2 years ago
ganguly..was nt 1st women prez..instd she was 1st women ,who adres session
Kuldeep Singh
2 years ago
he didn't say that Madam Ganguly was first INC woman president. Listen again.
1st Women President was Annie. And 2nd Women president was Sarojini Nadu also She was 1st Indian Women to became President. Annie besant was a foreigner.
3 months ago
Annie besant 1917 me phli Women bni or 1925 me sarojni naidu frist Indian women bni thi
On lecture 16 - Valentine chirol is not the client .He was the author of "Unrest India " in Which he describe Tilak as "Father of Unrest India".By this Tilak Filed a Case andgo to London.
It's taking time to complete the session but... it worth. Each and everything is very precise, crisp and easy to understand. Avinash Ji, your way of delivering these lectures is very Appreciable. Thanks a Lot for making this lesson.
Sumit Kumar
2 years ago
I am sorry... I was Lost in your lessons... :) . Once again Thank You...
Thanks alot sir... But I have a doubt who was the 1st woman president of Inc, sorajini naidu or Anne besant
Anand Kumar
2 years ago
Annie besant was the first women president while sarojini naidu was the first Indian women president.
Debasish Rath
2 years ago
first women prez was Mrs Ganguli or Annie??
Prashant Dubey
2 years ago
Annie Besant was first Woman Prez of INC & Sarojini Naidu was first Indian woman Prez of INC.
Manish Pandey
2 years ago
Lalit Yadav
9 months ago
n ganguli address the session
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 15 The Extremists era- Home Rule &Lucnow Pact

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indiarn INC VS BRITAIN -Extremists 1905-1915 Swadeshi Movement Suratsplit -Lucknow Pact . HOME RULE MOVEMENT

  3. INC Moderates 1885-1905 Extremist 1905-1915 Gandhiji 1915-1947 Bande Mataram Weekly Elitio

  4. Split in Congress Moderates Extremists VS

  5. June'1914 In india .Tilak was released . He restarted his globally WW (1914-1919) started -Great Britain+France+Russia struggle for Swaraj Vi Germany+Austria-Hungary+ Turkey

  6. HOME RULE MOVEMENT Initialy Tilak decided to support Britain While other saw this as an oppurtunity to supress Britain This required a mass movement WW lead to high taxes, inflation....this became a feeding ground for a mass movement The leadership was assumed by Tilak and Mrs Annie Besant

  7. Theosophical Society 1875 founded by Blavatsky and Olcott at Newyork It aimed at GION H Universal brotherhood Study of ancient religion and philosophies -Occultism Estd HQ in India at Adyar near Madras in 1879 . Annie Besant came to India in 1893

  8. Dec'1915-Bombay session-S P Sinha Mrs. Annie Besant moved resolution for starting Home rule Leagues .rejected Establishment of 2 home rule leagues 1 by Tilak in Apr'16 focused on Maha and central Province 2nd by Annie in Sept'16 focused on rest of Indla . Inspired by Irish Home Rule Movement

  9. " The main objectives were To attain Home rule for India witin British empire -Same as that of Aus and NZ - Tilak -"Swaraj of today is within the empire and not independent of it"

  10. Realisation!! Moderates Extremists They realised the importance of masses into the shield of moderates any struggle They needed extremists sopolitical network for the as to reach the masses Tilak was already active into Home rule movement Tilak realised that he needs . He also requires the all India success of any movement .

  11. After Lko session, it became joint effort of congres, muslim league and 2 home rule leagues Tried to develop public opinion through discussion, reading, pamphlets & lectures On mass scale and with high intensity Fresh groups of people joined the national movement like urban proffessionals Also the new generation of Nehru joined the struggle .

  12. Dec'1917 Calcutta session She was imprisoned for 2 months till 1917 . Mrs. Annie Besant was elected president . She became 1st woman prez

  13. Decline of the movement . Annie Besant was alluded by the Montague's * Tilak had to leave for England to fight the case promise of reforms of Valentine Chirol in sept 1918 Arrival of Gandhiji

  14. August Declaration . 20 Aug 1917 -Monetague (Sec of state) made a declaration in House of commons regarding future political reforms -It meant to increase association of Indians in administration and develop self governing institutions

  15. Game of Thrones Common Indiarn INC VS BRITAIN -Extremists 1905-1915 Swadeshi Movement Suratsplit - Lucknow Pact . HOME RULE MOVEMENT