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Partition and Freedom - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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at one hand Britishers were eager to leave the country and theother communalism raised its ugly head. It gave mixed fruits of freedom and partition.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

Unacademy user
sir in cabinet plan why wavel is saying to form interim govt. on 12 aug 1946 ?? is there in mistake ??? let me know if i am wrong
Chaitanya kaskar
2 years ago
Wavell's Plan was presented in June 1945 which suffered a breakdown of talks and after this with some modifications wavell presented another plan to Cabinet Mission in May 1946 which was known as Wavell's "Breakdown Plan".
Pragya Prakash
2 years ago
but cabinet mission was headed by crispp !! isnt it ??
Chaitanya kaskar
2 years ago
yes it was headed by cripps and wavell was Viceroy of India.
Pragya Prakash
2 years ago
wokey !
Chaitanya kaskar
2 years ago
Thank you so much for this informative video !
Thank you so much for this informative video !
Thank you so much for this informative video !
today i have completed all 3 types fo history really awesome coures sir ....Thanks a lot....from me i give 100 stars to u sir...u r best educator....u r efforts, explanation, and ppt presentation is best ..... i never seen educator like u..... ....SIR PLEASE MAKE CRASH COURSE ON GEOGRAPHY AND POLITY ALSO.........
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter Partition & Freedom

  2. Game of Thrones Common Indian INC Extremists1905-1915 BRITAIN VS Swadeshi Movement - Surat split - Lucknow Pact HOME RULE MOVEMENT VS Gandhian era 1915-1947 1921 22

  3. 1940 (C Muslim League Congress . Dilemma of mass struggle In March @ Lahore Grouping muslims majority states as independent Safeguard rights if minority . Pakistan resolution

  4. Muslim League.. (C Lost into comm Propogating "Two nation theory" Became strong during WW II The muslim base grew a lot. .Lost into communalism 1946 elections->85% votes of muslims

  5. British determined to leave India.... . Change of geopolitics Continous protests against govt Events like INA and RIN mutiny . Change of power in Britain...Labour govt

  6. NEGOTIATIONS 1944 CR FORMULA Gandhi Jinnah talks . 1945 Desai Liaqat pact Wavell Plan @Shimla conference (C 1946 Cabinet mission Interim government 1946-47 - Constituent Assembly 1946-50 1947 Mountbatten Plan 1947

  7. C. R Formula 1944 C Rajagopalachari Over this ground Gandhi Jinnah met to negotiate Cooperation for interim govt Failed -Demarcation Of Plebiscite became bone of contention boundaries after war and decision by Plebiscite Cooperation over defence comunication etc

  8. Desai Liaqat Pact 1945 Bhulabhai Jivanji Desai . Not recognised by both and Liaqat Ali khan -Nomination of equal parties members in central executive Representation of minorities

  9. Wavell Plan @ Shimla conerence 1945 .To remove deadlock between Congress and muslim league He called all leaders @ Shimla . Offered interim arrangement till constitution was made Executive council in hands of Indians Equal rep of hindus and muslims h demamded right to represent all muslim nominee.s Jinna Plan failed

  10. NEGOTIATIONS . 1944 194S --Desa (C 1946 Cabinet mission Interim government 1946-47 - Constituent Assembly 1946-50 1947 Mountbatten Plan 1947

  11. confusion (C .. . Congress Muslim league - Accepted election and constituent assembly Accepted 6th June 1946 Wished to form interim govt Rejected formation of interim govt -was not called So Rejected the plan Later was called to join Refused to participate in consituent assembly Call for Direct Action from Aug 16 - Accepted 24th June 1946 -Nehru's statement over grouping 12 Aug 1946 @ Wavells call to form interim govt

  12. Clement Attlee's statement Feb 20 1947 Deadline decided for power transfer -Jun 30 1948

  13. Mountbatten Plan 1947 also called June Third plan If partitioned two dominion and two constituent assembly would be created In Bengal and Punjab Hindus and Muslims would separately decide on partition Freedom on 15 Aug Establishment of boundary commission - A bill would be passed in britain for the same

  14. . Bengal and Punjab decided for partition NWFP Baluchistan and Sind favoured Pakistan (C

  15. Indian Independence Act 1947 ratified Mountbatten plan in British parliament Received assent on July 18 . 2 dominion with 2 const. assembly 15 Aug was decided as the date for setting up of two dominions ate governor general for each rate B