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The Communitarian Challenge to Rawls & Nozick's entitlement.
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  1. Justice is the first virtue of Social Institutions... Rawls

  2. The Case of Justice

  3. The Communitarian Challenge s: 12

  4. Basic o Amongst contemporary philosophers, the most prominent communitarians include Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, Mic Sandel and Michael Walzer. o Communitarians object to the idea that individuals abstracted from their social, economic & cultural contexts can make choices; they argue that such a stripped down individual will be unable to make under Vol, individuals are out of a real social context, hence how can their choices be Ever Relevant!!!! 13

  5. Advance o Michael Sandel argues that the substantive value of participation in and identification with a community is neglected, while Michael Walzer claims that it should be left up to a- community to determine which substantive values to embrace o o Indeed, Sandel holds that "in some cases, justice is not a virtue but a vice" o For Walzer, "Justice is relative to social meanings." 14

  6. Nozick: Justice as Entitlement Within three yea Robert Nozick, Rawls's colleague at Harvard, published Anarchy, State, and Utopia. o Nozick is critical of Rawls's egalitarianism and presents his so-called "entitlement theory of justice" as an alternative that emphasizes individual rights and liberty o For Nozick, justice is not about agreeing fair principles by imagining that we don't know how lucky or unlucky we have been in the natural or social lottery. o It is about respecting people's right to self-ownership and their right to hold property, leaving them free to decide for themselves what they do with what is theirs.

  7. Understanding Nozick o Nozick is a 'right liberal' (or 'libertarian'), committed to the idea of self-ownership and arguing for a laissez-faire 'nightwatchman' state. o He identifies three ways in which people can acquire a legitimate property holding (or entitlement): Initial acquisition, voluntary transfer and rectification. Listen to the (Wilt Chamberlain example) 16

  8. Previous year Questions 1. Explain the conception of Justice in the critiques of 2 Comment :"Difference Principle in Rawi's theory of Justice 3. Critically examine Rawl's argument for Democratic equality 4. Rawl's theory of Justice is both contractual & distributive. communitarian theorists. (2014) (2015) (2016) Examine (2017) 17

  9. 2018 Probable/ Homework Explain "Original Position" of Rawls. Critically Examine Rawl's theory of justice. 18