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Post colonial theory of the State
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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

Unacademy user
please make more videos
Amar Parulekar
2 years ago
Hello Sonu, thank for the encouragement! I will be uploading more videos soon!
2 years ago
sir,i am unable to clear the ibps exam this time too.In the mains exam i was totally blank .i don't know what type of question they are asking. plz suggest what can i do to clear the exam.sir i am from small town i don't have much resources . i am feeling very bad. sir, plz help me.
Amar Parulekar
2 years ago
First of all, calm down. I am not aware of how the IBPS exam works, but I understand that it has three sections similar to CAT. The only reason a person goes 'blank' in am exam is due to lack of preparation and practice. Do not hide behind that reason. Study hard, practice harder and give as many mock tests as you can. That should help you improve by a huge margin. Atleast you won't go 'blank'.
2 years ago
hello sir physics ka ek question hai que.) Two spheres of masses 100kg an 900kg each of radius 10m and 20m respectively.find gravitational force acting between them.