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A Run-Through (in Hindi)
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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

Unacademy user
what is the significance of power sharing
wah Sir 🤟Har ghooot me swag hai 🤟💯%
कॉन्सेप्ट क्लियर हैं सर ☑️☑️
Google drive- I have uploaded The Politics: Concept by Routledge.
thanks a lot Sir !
Kewal Krishan
2 years ago
Sir not able to getting in..... Plzz Provide another link or tell how can I Have it from here ?
Yousuf raza
2 years ago
send me sir please
Yousuf raza
2 years ago
I can't afford it via Amazon
2 years ago
Hey, Yousuf it's not an Amazon link.. it's a Google drive link..just copy paste it in your browset
Srishti Suman
a year ago
Hello sir, please update your Google Drive link or provide another link because, it is not open
Ananta Kumar Dhan
9 months ago
thanak you sir
Sir where is the topic political theory-meaning and approaches covered? Because they are many pyq asked over it
Sir, at first great initiative on your part for taking up PSIR optional. I am preparing for the APSC exam with political science as optional. I am from a engineering background but a bit confused about how to relate the syllabus of both UPSC and APSC.
a year ago
Can You share me the PSIR syllabus link of APSC.
Paul Das
a year ago
Paul Das
a year ago
This page contains direct link to both prelims and mains syllabus
  1. Curiosity is the lust of the mind. -Hobbes

  2. Political Theory, Concepts & Ideologies Paper 1(A)

  3. What You will learn! A LIFETIME learning lesson covering:- Political ideologies Theories of the State Justice Rights Equality Power Democracy

  4. How you will learn Through Storytelling Through Quotes Real-world Examples Through Visualization I Through Application Through Assignments

  5. What you need Routledge Dictionary of Politics or &Politics: The Key Concepts (Routledge) *Past 5-6 years Question Paper -An English Dictionary Reliance on Me & Confidence in Yourself.

  6. I would Strongly Advice against any Notes.

  7. I think I deserve Active Participation in the Comment Box. Suggestions for Improvement. A mandatory Enroll. -Ratings n Reviews.