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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

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so basically they believe in middle path
  1. Communitarianism

  2. Communitarianism - Communitarianism was originally a critique of liberalism, but it quickly developed It looks at individuals as being at the center, but at the same time, it also looks at to be an ideology with its own unique ideas that are directed towards individuals. the community being in that center Communitarians express strong opposition towards the abstract individual of liberal theory, arguing that people need to participate in running their lives. -Order and autonomy, acc to them, should complement one another, so that individuals become more able to govern their own lives while participating in communities * It emerged in reaction to the failure of socialism, on the one hand, and the supposed dangers of libertarianism on the other.

  3. Michael Walzer Michael Sandel Amitai Etzioni

  4. Continued....[listen with care) 0 These advocates in their journal "The Responsive community" develop and propagate the 0 The ideal should be that of a civil society, neither led nor controlled by the state, but existing O The influential version of communitarianism propagated by Etzioni accepts the liberal 0 Etzioni argues that people should be committed to numerous communities, each with their communitarian ideas as something over and above the sum of the individuals who compose it. legacy of individual rights and a presumption against extensive state intervention. norms and culture. The more individuals are monopolised by any one community, the less 'communitarian' such a society will be.

  5. PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONS Define Socialism? Discuss the Salient features of Fabian Socialism? (2017) Eco-Feminism (2017) &The political ideology of Globalisation is neo-liberalism. Comment (2016) ent on the view that Socialism in the 21st Century may be reborn as anti-capitalism. (2014) Discuss the Communitarian critique of liberalism. (2013)

  6. PROBABLE QUESTIONS/HOMEWORK Prepare on Marxism (Origin & Decline) . Neo-liberalism . Conservatism

  7. Sources 1. Book- "Politics" by Andrew Heywood Chapter 2, Page 27-55 (Uploaded on Google Drive) Link- If you have understood the course and want to explore more then ( Pol Ideologies Plus) uploaded on the google drive. 2. read 3. Should follow Britannica encyclopedia for more insights.... You can skip the book (Political I deologies by A Heywood])

  8. You can buys Introduction to Political Ideologies: Contexts, Ideas, and Practices By Author: Arvind Sivaramakrishnan Publication SAGE Do write a Review.. (Trust me it pushes me to create lessons at a faster pace)