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Feminism... (Bhai sshab..)
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very well explained thank u
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thank u for lucid explanation
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  1. Feminism

  2. Claims frequently made by modern feminists: made by modern feminists: First, that the biological differences between men and women do not explain all the observed differences in their social status, role and behaviour;and these later differences are social construct which can easily be removed. Second, that the natural differences between the activities, physical attributes, and response of men and women should not be taken as grounds for assigning a lower value to the 'feminine' attributes. .Third, that women should not be urged to think that fulfilment for them is only possible in relation with men. (hence it should be as respectable and fulfilling for a woman to associate only with her own sex as it could be for a man.)

  3. Feminism is concerned with the emancipation of women. It is so diverse that some prefer the term 'feminisms' to capture the multiplicity of the movement. Liberal feminism seeks to expand the liberal concept of the individual so that women are included. This is the oldest form of feminism and historically has concentrated upon obtaining political and legal rights. .Socialist feminism refers to the view that women are members of a particular class and suffer particularly under capitalism. Radical feminism argues that feminism stands or fall as a movement independent of other ideologies. Radical feminists see male domination as a personal as well as a wider institutional problem. It is men, that are the barrier to women's liberation. ex- American writers such as Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon French variant associated with the names of Julia Kristeva, Helene Cixous and Luce Irigaray, Postmodern feminism argues that women are not only different from men, they are also different from one another. They are divided by class, ethnicity, religion, language and so on -indeed so much so that some postmodern feminists ncot ealiy put the entire feminist project in jeopardy by arguing that women do