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Rights :PYQs and Sources
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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

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The division of human rights into three generations was initially proposed in 1979 by the Czech jurist Karel Vasak at the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg
2 years ago
yeah Karel Vasak..thanks
sirji. mereko google drive ka link nahi mill rha hai plz provide in comment
2 years ago
The Google Drive link-
sir you are favorite educator in unacadmy.
2 years ago
thank you.:)
Have u covered Democracy and Power?
2 years ago
Naah... Power will be added here soon...and democracy toh is easy...but still I would upload here only.
Arpit Srivastava
2 years ago
Sir Rohingya issue is also alarming ki dis year there will be q pkaaa
  1. Rights Meaning & Theories; Different kinds of Rights; Human Rights

  2. Rights Bosanquet has rightly said, "Right is a claim recognised by the society & enforced by the state." Laski, "Rights have been rightly described as claims of Social life, without which no men can seek to be his best self" . Rights are possessions & entitlements of the Individual They are reward in response to the responsibilities performed. Rights are maintained by the society. . While rights and obligation are not the same, they are still connected; Whenever you decide to do what you have a right to do, others have an obligation to let you do it.

  3. Theory of Legal Rights Supporters- Jeremy Bentham & John Austin. For them, No Rights could be imagined without laws. Right Is a benefit and it has to be legal Austin regards the sovereign as the source of rights. Marxian theory of Rights ..(Ye v btaana hoga..!!!!????...Understood hai ye.

  4. Three Generations of Rights First civil-political . Second- socio-economic, and Third collective-developmental (Just Listen here & for making notes- Sources are provided at the last

  5. Human Rights This widened concept of rights was given great political impetus by the United Nations Declaration of Rights of 1948. This Declaration consisted of two parts, one concerned with the traditional civil rights and the other with things such as medical care, education, political participation and the now notorious right to 'periodic holidays with pay' These rights exist in morality and in law at the national & international level These rights are addressed directly to the governments requiring compliance & enforcements Anti Colonial & Post Colonial thinkers have at times criticised the theory of Human Rights of being an example of Cultural Imperialism.

  6. Previous year Questions o No Question in 2017 "The implementation of Human Rights is regarded as a matter of changing the conduct of the states." Comment. (2016) Discuss:- "Idea of Natural Rights." (2015) Analyse the relations between Natural Rights & Human Rights. (2013)

  7. Homework o Prepare notes on Implementation 8 Challenges to the lmplementation of human RIGHTS. o Also prepare/understand debate on Right to Privacy & Right to Die/ Euthanasia

  8. Sources Watch the Video- "Where do our Natural Rights come from- Michael Sandel" If more interested- Listen/Watch- Excursions Ep 35" Read (Political theory Rights vle.du) Link For human rights Read on the website- 1. 4. 5. Might follow- ""