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PYQs and Sources.
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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

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Respected Sir In previous video you told that gift tax and wealth tax comes under indirect tax but in this respective video it is coming under direct taxes.?
Google Drive-
Sir, first of all thank you very much for your efforts and providing these tutorials for PSIR. Just a small suggestion is that it would be better if you could provide us some sample answers for any random questions or for questions from previous years. this would help us structure our answer and plan accordingly. Here questions can be like a statement of the thinker or just a define question asking to explain, something like that..
sir please share the link in comment section bec I am not able to find it
a year ago
Ye lijiye-
Aman Singh
a year ago
thanks sir
thanku sir n link of pdf
2 years ago
which link bro !!! there's only one G Drive link...everything is classified and uploaded there folder wise
Kewal Krishan
2 years ago
thanku sir I have, already checked
  1. PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONS Define Socialism? Discuss the Salient features of Fabian Socialism? (2017) Eco-Feminism (2017) &The political ideology of Globalisation is neo-liberalism. Comment (2016) ent on the view that Socialism in the 21st Century may be reborn as anti-capitalism. (2014) Discuss the Communitarian critique of liberalism. (2013)

  2. PROBABLE QUESTIONS/HOMEWORK Prepare on Marxism (Origin & Decline) . Neo-liberalism . Conservatism

  3. Sources 1. Book- "Politics" by Andrew Heywood Chapter 2, Page 27-55 (Uploaded on Google Drive) Link- If you have understood the course and want to explore more then ( Pol Ideologies Plus) uploaded on the google drive. 2. read 3. Should follow Britannica encyclopedia for more insights.... You can skip the book (Political I deologies by A Heywood])

  4. You can buys Introduction to Political Ideologies: Contexts, Ideas, and Practices By Author: Arvind Sivaramakrishnan Publication SAGE Do write a Review.. (Trust me it pushes me to create lessons at a faster pace)