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Shading Ring & Error in the Energy Meter
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In this lecture I have discussed the concept of shading ring an error in the energy meter. In shading ring I have discussed that shading ring provides additional lagging flux which when added to the potential coil flux then the angle between resultant flux and potential coil voltage will be 90 degree so that shading ring make the angle of delta equal to 90 degree by providing lagging flux in the energy meter. And in error in the energy meter we discuss the formulae of energy constant (K), Measured energy(Em), true energy(Et) and percentage in the energy metre

Pawan Chandani is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pawan Chandani
Faculty of GATE/ESE (Electrical Engineering) , Also a YouTuber and teaches Electrical Eng. subjects on YouTube | Jony Ive Award Winner

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hello sir, can u tell me that why we take pressure coil highly inductive in case of energy meter and what are the benefit to do so.
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
Because we want to get maximum defecting or driving torque.
hello sir can u tell me that why we take pressure coil highly inductive in case of energy meter
when ∆=90°.cos90°=0. then how the pf of energy meter increases?
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
pf means cosine of the angle between current & voltage....ok so here pf improvement of pc coil means to make pf zero because We get measured power is visin(∆-Fi) but true power will be vicos fi so when ∆ =90° then measured power will be vicos...ok so that shading ring also called power factor compensator.
thnk u sir..
sir pls upload next lecture....... and also GATE problem based on wattmeter and energy meter
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
next lecture will be uploaded today....& if you like this course then Plz do rate and review.
Chetan joshi
a year ago
sure (y)
sir in shading ring , how current IL is generate🤔 Which produce a flux of phie L.
  1. Shading Ring Error in the Energy Meter By- Pawan Chandani

  2. Shading Rin improves the Pc Ahading Ring provides the 12 aing flux Pc Jt is made of Co

  3. Error in the Energy Meter No. of revolutions Enera y ( Kohr) Constont (k)Enen (Kuhi) (k)- P.t No. of revolutions Vico t(sec) 1000 3600h Em-E whr

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