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Blondel's Theorem (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have discussed Blondel's Theorem in detail.

Pawan Chandani is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pawan Chandani
Faculty of GATE/ESE (Electrical Engineering) , Also a YouTuber and teaches Electrical Eng. subjects on YouTube | Jony Ive Award Winner

Unacademy user
excellent course sir
i think there is problem in case 4 figure. the two end of two wattmeter will be connected on common point on Y phase but you have bypass it. By the way I am very thankful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, your teaching style is just awesome.
The power delivered to a 3 phase load can be measured by the use of 2 wattmeter only when the a) Load is balanced b) Load is unbalanced c) 3 phase load is connected to source through 4 wire d) 3 phase load is connected to source through 3 wire
Satyam Tiwari
6 months ago
Using Blondels theorem 3 Phase system can measure by 2 wattmeter when there are no nutrel wire... so there are 3 wires connected with load... option d
Sir can you please upload a video on rms and average value calculation of different waveshapes that generally appear in the exam
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
that is the part of power electronics where we play with the I can't explain them in measurements.
Akarsh Kumar
a year ago
ok sir
Thanks for replying Sir. Sir is EMI common for both EC and EE students for the ESE exam?
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
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  3. Electrical &Electronics Measurements (Part 4) By- Pawan Chandani

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  7. Blondel's Theorem Gecording to Blondel's theoltm in n-phase system il there a neutral oint available the no, of NaH meter requiet n, if thue v, no neutral oint no. of watmeer eqired (n-) llicable for both balanced! as vell s unbolanced oo Total Power consumed bathe lond the aabric-4amoj Nothmeter readin wsed in the circuit.

  8. Case-1 2-wire sytem 1 Wattmeter Teguire4 Ph Case-2 2- ,3-wire syslem atmeter vequire

  9. Case-3 3,4-wine sysiem 3-,4-Nire balanced 4-bire balanced Case-4 3. , 3-wires slem 2 Wattmeter 'equired fol both balanced k unbalanced o 8

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