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Blondel's Theorem (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have discussed Blondel's Theorem in detail.

Pawan Chandani
Faculty of GATE/ESE (Electrical Engineering) , Also a YouTuber and teaches Electrical Eng. subjects on YouTube | Jony Ive Award Winner

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Sir plate girder m ek Udl k Sth two points load ka bhi Q. aa rha h previous RTU papers m ....
i think there is problem in case 4 figure. the two end of two wattmeter will be connected on common point on Y phase but you have bypass it. By the way I am very thankful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, your teaching style is just awesome.
The power delivered to a 3 phase load can be measured by the use of 2 wattmeter only when the a) Load is balanced b) Load is unbalanced c) 3 phase load is connected to source through 4 wire d) 3 phase load is connected to source through 3 wire
Satyam Tiwari
3 months ago
Using Blondels theorem 3 Phase system can measure by 2 wattmeter when there are no nutrel wire... so there are 3 wires connected with load... option d
Sir can you please upload a video on rms and average value calculation of different waveshapes that generally appear in the exam
Pawan Chandani
10 months ago
that is the part of power electronics where we play with the I can't explain them in measurements.
Akarsh Kumar
10 months ago
ok sir
Thanks for replying Sir. Sir is EMI common for both EC and EE students for the ESE exam?
Pawan Chandani
10 months ago
cro topic pr doubt hai Sir
Pawan Chandani
8 months ago
already completed.....go to measurement part 8
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  7. Blondel's Theorem Gecording to Blondel's theoltm in n-phase system il there a neutral oint available the no, of NaH meter requiet n, if thue v, no neutral oint no. of watmeer eqired (n-) llicable for both balanced! as vell s unbolanced oo Total Power consumed bathe lond the aabric-4amoj Nothmeter readin wsed in the circuit.

  8. Case-1 2-wire sytem 1 Wattmeter Teguire4 Ph Case-2 2- ,3-wire syslem atmeter vequire

  9. Case-3 3,4-wine sysiem 3-,4-Nire balanced 4-bire balanced Case-4 3. , 3-wires slem 2 Wattmeter 'equired fol both balanced k unbalanced o 8

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