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Energy Meter
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In this lesson I have discussed the construction and working of energy meter. Type and working principle of energy meter. Also Discussed how driving or deflecting torque developed in energy meter that rotates the disc from its starting position. An electricity meter, energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence, business, electrically powered device

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Pawan Chandani
Faculty of GATE/ESE (Electrical Engineering) , Also a YouTuber and teaches Electrical Eng. subjects on YouTube | Jony Ive Award Winner

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Please Sir , Human Physiology complete all lessons upload karo
if dc current is applied to disk and for dc supply can it measure the dc energy ???
sir.....please please reupload this course....coz I am not able to watch this course due to some problem that I don't know..... so sir kindly re-upload this course.....
sir what will happen if we give more voltage than rated value to energymeter and why ?
sir you just won the heart!!
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
thank you so much......plz do rate and review this course
sir if any reason the uper magnet is M shape or lower magnet is U shape
  1. Energy Meter -Construction & Working of Energy Meter By- Pawan Chandani

  2. Energy Meter PVI cos Gear 10 5 67 Registrating System Spindle Pdt Shunt Magnet Pc rleg ating Type Instrument Shading Ring 1 Phase AC Supply Load Electromagnetic Induction Braking Magnet Al Disc Series Magnet e c eed of the disc or Power

  3. Energy Meter 3 Essential Components Gear 1)iving or Registrating System Spindle Shunt Magnet Pc 2 raking Torque (T) Shading Ring 1 Phase AC Supply Load Braking Magnet Al Disc 3) Registering Mechanism Gear Train System Series Magnet Jt works onlu for AC

  4. Gear Pc 10 567 d diving torque Registrating System Spindle Shunt Magnet ecc ellecting torque Pc Shading Ring Gear Train to Dial 1 Phase AC Supply Load Braking Magnet Al Disc Rotating Aluntatum DIEC vol tage co11 Series Magnet copper shading Ring current 0011

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