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Derivation of Driving Torque Equation for Energy Meter
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In this lecture I have discussed the derivation of driving torque equation for energy meter with the help of phasor diagram. Construction and working of energy meter. Single phase induction type energy meter.

Pawan Chandani is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pawan Chandani
Faculty of GATE/ESE (Electrical Engineering) , Also a YouTuber and teaches Electrical Eng. subjects on YouTube | Jony Ive Award Winner

Unacademy user
sir mai notes banata hu apke video ka
Ek Ka current n dusre Ka flux yeh relation torque Ka Kaha se aaya
why u are substracted two torques
Why current of potential coil should be lagging by 90 degrees? and why we are taking lagging condition for energy meter?
please use the pointer on the screen
sir can you pls explain how torque Td1 and Td2 is produced by the interaction of fluxes and opposite eddy currents?
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
I've explained this... so plz watch this lectures again.
Soumyadeep Deep
a year ago
sir how to find the directions of Td1 and Td2?
  1. Derivation of Driving Torque Equation for Energy Meter By- Pawan Chandani

  2. ecc angle Pc PC Highly Inductive (Energy Meter) PC-Highly Resistive (Wattmeter) Pc 90 C ecc ep

  3. cc, epc e c ecc

  4. 414 T cos (L or VI cos (90+a) () VI [2coso(sin(a- )] 2coso(-,Constant riing Torgue

  5. Energy Meter Idealle, PC Highly Inductive Gear 0 5617 Registrating System +-Spindle Shunt Shading 1 Phase AC Supply Braking Magnet Al Disc 90 Magnet ep ecc

  6. 414 T cos (L Pc ecc/ VI [2coso( sin (a- )

  7. = VI sin ( VI | sin (a-f)-cos thatoe use hading ing to increase the value of A close to 9o' ?ng to increase the value of A close to 30 o that we use

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