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L44: Religious Pluralism
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Religious Pluralism

Vani Ravija
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Nice teaching sir please continue this....
  1. Diversity of religions: both in beliefs & practices- globalization is creating awareness of this fact Current Dalai Lama - interreligious harmony can be achieved by developing understanding of other traditions & appreciating the inherent value:s Philosopher of religion Keith Yandell - Religions make claims- if they asserted nothing, there would be no religion. It is its very nature to give an account of our situation, problem, and its solution Fundamental concern of religion - soteriological (salvation) goal in different religious: Hinduism: Moksha | 3 paths (margas): jnanamarga, bhaktimarga, karmamarga | [knowledge/ devotion/ action] Buddhism: Nirvana | 4 noble truths: 1. all existence is suffering (dkkha) 2. suffering is caused by craving (trishna) 3. suffering can be ended (nirvana) 4. way to end suffering & attain nirvana is by practicing the 8-fold path (astangika- marga) Judaism: Blessedness with God | Divine commandments: 1, observance of Sabbath 2. regular attendance at synagogue 3. celebrate annual festivals 4. strict obedience to Jewish law Christianity: Spiritual transformation & spending eternity with God in heaven | By- 1. God's grace through Christ's atonement 2. receiving divine grace through faith in Christ 3. following the law of God out of appreciation for His gift of grace. Islam: Blessedness in paradise by the mercy of Allah | 5 pillars: (1) Faith in Allah & Prophet (2) 5 daily prayers (3) Almsgiving (4) Fasting (5) Pilgrimage to Mecca 1) Atheism: all religions are false 2) Agnosticism: no way to determine which religion is true, Best response is to remairn agnostic about claims of any religion. 3) objective way by which we can speak of religious truth : Each religion is "true & effective" for its adherents but there's no

  2. 4) Religious pluralism: Ultimately all religions are correct, each offering a different path & perspective of one Ultimate Reality. 5) Religious inclusivism: Only 1 religion is fully correct, others partially reveal some truths of this religion. Salvation can be attained through others. 6) Religious exclusivism: Only 1 religion is correct; all others are mistaken. Salvation is attained only through this one.