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L32: Religious Experience- Nature and Object
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  1. Challenges to religious experience as justification for religious beliefs: 1. Lack of verifiability The experience may sound incorrigible, indubitable, self-validating, but this is just a feeling of certainty, not empirical certainty. 2. Conflicting claims within the variety of experience Advaita: One experiences that all reality is one & undifferentiated. This contradicts Islamic experience that Allah is one true God, who exists as a separate being from the person having the experience. 3. The circularity objection It depends on assumptions which are not self-evident to everyone & yet utilized as limitations on the experience. 4. Scientific explanations of religious experience I. A psychological understanding of religious experience Freud: feelings of helplessness & fear in childhood foster a desire for fatherly, loving protection. This desire, or wish, for a protective figure carries on into adulthood and demands a greater, more powerful being than a human father. II. A neuro-scientific understanding of religious experience. Religious experience may be the result of purely neuro-physiological causes & hence are delusory. John Hick gave 5 eg which cause religious experience: 1. Epileptic seizures and frontal lobe stimulation by "Persinger helmet" [a magnetic stimulator] 2. Psychotropic drugs

  2. 3. "Pure" consciousness, consciousness of the Void, Emptiness, sunyata, caused by consciousness continuing after cutting off all perceptual input 4. Sense of unity with all reality caused by closing down awareness of one's bodily boundaries 5. Sense of the presence of God/ other supernatural beings caused by 'splitting the self system' into two- one half seeing the other half as different entity