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(Hindi) Philosophy of Religion: UPSC


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Vani Ravija

This Course covers Philosophy Philosophy of Religion. This Course is beneficial for UPSC aspirants.


76 lessons • 9 h 42 m
L1- Introduction (in Hindi)

10m 54s

L2- Religion, Theology, Philosophy of Religion (in Hindi)

12m 30s

L3- Notions of God, Attributes, Relation to Man and World (in Hindi)

10m 05s

L4- Relation of God and the World- Deism (in Hindi)

12m 08s

L5- Pantheism (in Hindi)

9m 36s

L6- Theism, Monotheism, Panentheism

13m 33s

L7- Notions of God

12m 33s

L8- Notions of God

13m 19s

L9- Attributes of God

12m 02s

L10- Attributes of God

9m 49s

L11- Proofs for the Existence of God

7m 52s

L12: Arguments for God's Existence

8m 19s

L13: Arguments for God's Existence

7m 59s

L14: Arguments for God's Existence

6m 25s

L15: Arguments for God's Existence

5m 25s

L16: Arguments for God's Existence

7m 28s

L17: Problem of Evil

10m 54s

L18: Problem of Evil

12m 09s

L19: Soul

10m 47s

L20: Soul

14m 46s

L21: Soul

9m 21s

L22: Soul

9m 10s

L23: Soul- Liberation

9m 58s

L24- Reason, Revelation and Faith

14m 50s

L25- Reason, Revelation and Faith

14m 55s

L26- Reason, Revelation and Faith

8m 00s

L27- Reason, Revelation and Faith

11m 44s

L28- Reason, Revelation and Faith

8m 24s

L29- Reason, Revelation and Faith

10m 06s

L30: Religious Experience- Nature and Object

11m 46s

L31: Religious Experience- Nature and Object

13m 16s

L32: Religious Experience- Nature and Object

7m 03s

L33: Religious Experience- Nature and Object

11m 56s

L34: Religious Experience- Nature and Object

10m 40s

L35: Religious Experience- Nature and Object

8m 43s

L36: Religion without God

13m 09s

L37: Religion without God

9m 19s

L38: Religion without God

8m 17s

L39: Religion and Morality

11m 48s

L40: Religion and Morality

7m 04s

L41: Religion and Morality

8m 03s

L42: Religion and Morality

8m 42s

L43: Religion and Morality

8m 53s

L44: Religious Pluralism

10m 59s

L45: Religious Pluralism

11m 51s

L46: Religious Pluralism

9m 13s

L47: Religious Pluralism

11m 29s

L48: Religious Pluralism

10m 14s

L49: Religious Language

10m 43s

L50: Religious Language

10m 51s

L51: Religious Language

7m 41s

L52: Religious Language

14m 06s

L53: Queries

2m 27s

L54- Aurobindo

14m 00s

L55- Aurobindo

11m 48s

L56- Aurobindo

13m 09s

QnA - Jainism 1

9m 30s

QnA - Jainism 2

13m 10s

QnA - Jainism 3

6m 20s

QnA - Buddhism 1

10m 57s

QnA- Buddhism 2

7m 36s

QnA- Mimamsa 1

13m 34s

QnA- Mimamsa 2

7m 20s

QnA- Mimamsa 3

8m 08s

QnA- Nyaya Vaisesika 1

9m 16s

QnA- Nyaya Vaisesika 2

8m 34s

QnA- Nyaya Vaisesika 3

9m 48s

QnA- Nyaya Vaisesika 4

7m 48s

QnA - Carvaka 1

8m 08s

QnA - Carvaka 2

5m 44s

QnA - Vedanta 1

9m 47s

QnA - Vedanta 2

6m 25s

QnA - Vedanta 3

12m 37s

QnA - Vedanta 4 and Yoga

11m 47s

QnA - Samkhya 1

10m 31s

QnA - Samkhya 2

8m 44s



5 reviews

Lipika Das

reviewed on Aug 1, 2019

This philosophical video IS Very helpful and informative. so thank you mam.

Mangat Sorout

reviewed on Jun 24, 2019

One of the best teacher. The best thing is , however there are less learners but Ma’am prepared the course of philosophy with utmost dedication.


reviewed on Jun 3, 2019

Thank you ma'am for so much hard work

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