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L35: Religious Experience- Nature and Object
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eNAM (Electronic agricultural market) what is it and how it helps to sort out the issues of APMC: <1>To create a common market for the farmers around the country. <2>Farmers will be able to know where exactly the demand for his products are more. <3>Reduce the role of the middlemen <4>Increases transparency and paying the farmers their price on the same date. <5>To make sure farmers are given atleast at the MSP decided by the govt:. Some issues with eNAM: <1>Unless and until Agriculture becomes a union list or a concurrent list there will be loopholes which makes it non mandatory for the states to follow. <2>Not enough infrastructure and storage facilities:One of the sole purposes of eNAM is to make an integrated market.A farmer in Kerala should be able to sell his products in Delhi.Without proper storage and infra it cant be acheived. <3>Cartelisation of traders could also be an issue unless there is a proper transparent mechnism.
thank u for providing simple & good information
Samarth Seth
3 years ago
nicely explained in short thank you
Pradeep Kumar
3 years ago
Great ans, helpful
  1. It is sometimes asserted that mysticism is merely an escape from life and from its duties & responsibilities. The mystic turns his back on the world, and forgets not only his own sorrows but also the sorrows of fellow men. To treat the bliss of mystical consciousness as an end in itself is a psychological possibility, but incomplete form of mysticism Complete form of mysticism gives rise to boundless action and creative love for all. St. John: calls incomplete mystical state "spiritual gluttony". Christian mystics: mystical union with God brings with it a burning love of God which must overflow into the World in the form of love for fellow-men, which one must show in deeds, charity, mercy, and not merely in words. Some believe that mysticism forms the metaphysical basis of love. Mystical consciousness is the secret fountain of love, the only source of true moral activity. Mysticism is the source from which all ethical values flow. True love comes from the realization that my brother and I are same, no distinction b/w "I" and "you" & "he" and "she". All barriers of superfluous distinctions are broken b/w "T" and "you". Mysticism is both feeling & form of knowledge. Along with the characteristics of ineffability, it has a noetic quality also, hence is cognitive. Therefore, it forms as one of the sources of religious knowledge. Mystics claim to have knowledge of ultimate reality which is clear, distinct & indubitable. It refers to using "non-rational methods" to arrive at beliefs assuming such beliefs to be knowledge. Neurotic? Sometimes, mystic state is criticized as neurotic state. In a neurotic state, two elements social adjustment & mental integration are lacking. But in mystics, both are found in abundance. Company of mystics is highly valuable. It results into many positive changes, feeling of friendliness, peace of mind, etc. Their company enhances the meaning of life and broadening of vision.

  2. In some mystics like- Ramakrishna-Paramahansa, we find humanistic thoughts when he says "service to mankind is service to God". Thus, mystics cannot be called neurotics but rather supernormal states.