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L1- Introduction (in Hindi)
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Introduction to the philosophy of religion

Vani Ravija
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सर क्या आप उनके लिए कोई गाइड लाइन दे सकते है जो 10 to 5 की जॉब में है और गाँव मे पोस्टेड है।
mam, please guide about socio political philosophy which sources to follow and what approach to follow if feasible please make series on the same
mam hindi me hi padaye
I like it please all UPSC syllabus course complete mam
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  1. C* Philosophy of Religion By Vani Ravija

  2. Syllabus Notions of God: Attributes; Relation to Man and the World. (Indian and Western) 1Proofs for the Existence of God and their Critique (Indian and Western) Problem of Evil. Soul: Immortality; Rebirth and Liberation. Reason, Revelation and Faith

  3. Syllabus Religious Experience: Nature and Object (Indian and Western). Religion without God. Religion and Morality. Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth. Nature of Religious Language: Analogical and Symbolic; Cognitivist and 0 Non- cognitive

  4. Introduction to Philosophy of Religion Philosophical reflection on religious ideas atheists "Philosophical reflection" - Carefully analysing words & reasons for Eastern & Western thinkers [Religious believers & agnostics ISkeptics & claims & arguments Fundamental issues about the nature of reality (MP) & the way in which we come to know things (epistemology) "Religious ideas" primary issues & concepts (Eg. existence of God, relation b/w science & religion; nirvana) Not just abstract concepts- discussed among theologians & philosophers Fundamental issues of life- significance for contemporary humanity

  5. Variety of beliefs Monotheistic O personal God | God is good Buddhists: Four Noble Truths enlightenment Brahman

  6. Realism & Non-Realism Religious Realist- Religious Non-Realist Their religious beliefs are about what actually exists, independent of the persons holding those beliefs Religious claims are not about something "out there" Assertions about Allah or Brahman, are true because there are actual referents for the words "Allah" & "Brahman". Religion is a human construct & religious language refers to human behavior and experience Statements about them can provide correct predications of the behavior of Allah and Brahman. Failure of realism to provide evidences for any religion & attempt to demonstrate the existence of God from evidence in the nature are abject failures. If Allah or Brahman do not actually exist, assertions about them would be false. All religious & ethical ideas are human, with a human history Truth- exists ready made We are the makers of truth