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5th September Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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Rishab Arora
Graduate in Economics. Gold medal in Dissertation, Prepared various documents on Demonetisation and GST, Share-trading and many more

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Awesome lecture sir..thnx a lot:)
Q2- B ( bedaquiline is fully oral drug, injectables caused severe adverse effects on patients. so they have been replaced with a fully oral regime, that is bedaquiline).
1. A (1 Only) Solid waste management rules were issued by the Union Environment Ministry
2. C Both the options are correct.
Q 2) c. both are correct
  1. DAILY NEws ANALYSIS GST stalemate resolved. To rollout deferred to July I to he RISHABHARORA

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  3. Q1- Consider the following statements about Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 1.The rules are applicable not only for municipal areas but also for urban agglomerations, census towns, and notified industrial townships 2.It was issued by the Central Pollution Control Board in 2016 Which of the statement(s) is/ are true? A) 1 only B) 2 only C) Both D) None

  4. Q2- Consider the following statements about Bedaquiline which was in news recently. is an injectible drug used in treating multidrug-resistant TB 2.WHO aims to replace all injectibles with a fully oral regimen for treating MDR - TB patients. Which of the statement(s) is/ are true? A)1 only B)2 only C) Both D)None

  5. CJI Misra names Gogoi as successor (GS-2) (Page-1) Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra on Tuesday recommended Justice Ranjan Gogoi as his successor and the 46th Chief Justice of India. Law Ministry sources confirmed the receipt of the recommendation letter of the Chief Justice If the government approves the recommendation, Justice Gogoi would have a tenure as Chief Justice of India of about 13 months, from October 3, 2018 till his retirement on November 17, 2019. Chief Justice Misra has followed convention by recommending the next senior most Supreme Court judge, Justice Gogoi, as his successor. Justice Gogoi, born on November 18, 1954, is a native of Assam. He joined the Bar in 1978 and practised mainly in the Gauhati High Court. He was appointed as permanent judge of the High Court on February 28, 2001. * He was transferred to the Punjab and Haryana High Court on September 9, 2010 and appointed its Chief Justice in February 2011. He was elevated to the Supreme Court orn April 23, 2012. He would be the first Cll from the north-eastern region. He is the son of Keshab Chandra

  6. Justice Gogoi was one of the four most senior Supreme Court judges who held the January 12 press conference bringing up the issue of selective assignment of sensitive cases by recent CJls to certain judges in the Supreme Court. * Chief Justice Misra subsequently published a subject-wise roster of cases assigned to judges. In various judgments, one of them by a Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice Misra himself, the Supreme Court went on to declare the CJl the 'master of roster'. * In a recent lecture, Justice Gogoi said the country needs independent journalists and "noisy judges".

  7. Google to help EC track online political ads (GS-3) (Page-1) With poll season round the corner, Google, which controls the lion's share of the digital advertising market, will soon be helping the Election Commission (EC) keep tabs on online political advertising. The tech giant will develop a mechanism that will not only ensure pre- certification of political advertisements but also enable it to share with the authority, details about the expenditure incurred on its platforms Chief Election Commissioner O.P. Rawat on Tuesday said that a Google representative met a committee that had been set up to explore possible modifications in Section 126 (election silence) and other provisions of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 in view of the expansion and diversity of media platforms. At the meeting, the representative told the Commission that the company would keep track of political advertisements and ensure that they are pre-certified by the EC's Media Certification and Monitoring Committees. This would entail Google asking prospective clients, whenever an order is placed, whether they have been pre-certified. The Commission is the nodal body for pre-certification of advertisements of a political nature, released by either an individual or an organisation.

  8. Google has also assured the committee that it would set up a mechanism for sharing information on the cost of the political advertisements. This would be of use to Returning Officers when it comes to calculating the election expenditure of individual candidates. . "As soon as someone is declared a candidate for any election, all the money spent by the person for campaigning gets added as election expenditure. The Commission also asks the candidates to declare their official social media accounts," an Election Commission official said. Facebook tools The EC's committee had earlier held meetings with Facebook, which has also agreed to develop tools for removing any content pertaining to election matters during the 48-hour period when the 'prohibition protocol' is in place. It is working on ways to check fake news and share details of expenditure on poll-related advertisements.

  9. Custodial death: SC raps Maharashtra police (GS-2) (Page-6) In a message to the Maharashtra police, the Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that the police should realise that in a democracy the means to achieve crime control is as important as the end itself. "With great power comes great responsibility," the top court wrote in bold letters at the head of its 35-page judgment. A Bench of Justices N.V. Ramana and Mohan M. Shantanagoudar said it was time for the police force to realise and accept what it calls the 'concept of democratic policing The Bench increased the prison sentence of the accused Maharashtra police officers from three years to seven years in a case of custodial torture where a man died in a police station cell in 1993. The court reminded the police that "be you ever so high, the law is always above you." It reminded the Maharashtra police that their motto is 'Sadrakshn ya Khalan ghrahan ya (Sanskrit for "To protect good and to punish evil"), which needs to be respected.

  10. . "Those who are called upon to administer the criminal law, must bear in mind that they have a duty not merely to the individual accused before them, but also to the state and to the community at large," Justice Ramana wrote for the Bench. The case concerns the death of an innocent man, Joinus, in police custody. He was suspected of looting. A posse barged into his house in the middle of the night, tied him to a nearby post and beat him with sticks. Then they took him and his family from place to place, until he was finally locked up in the local police station. He was found dead in the cell the next day. "The motive to falsely implicate Joinus for a crime he was alien to was not befitting the police officers investigating crimes. The manner in which Joinus was taken during late night from his house for investigation ignores the basic rights this country has guaranteed its citizen," the Supreme Court condemned the accused police officers for the crime.

  11. Does India have the provision already? Provisions relating to causing hurt or grievous hurt, especially with a view to extracting a confession, criminal intimidation and wrongful confinement already exist in the Indian Penal Code. However, the idea of a stand-alone law ought to be ultimately seen as a more tangible way of .A concrete step towards enacting a law was made when the Prevention of Torture Bill, 2010, was xPrenscirete stem toweards enactingianiawrwrs made when the Prevention of Torture Bi,2010, was commitment to eliminating torture passed by the Lok Sabha in 2010, but it was referred to a Select Committee in the Rajya Sabha. In its report submitted in the same year, the committee recommended exhaustive amendments to the Bill to make it consistent with the language and intent of the Convention. Thereafter the Bill lapsed. The government says it has referred the matter to the Law Commission for an authoritative view. What should be done? Given the pervasive nature of custodial violence and its complex policing requirements, the present legislative and administrative framework is obviously inadequate to prevent torture in a country of India's size. It is imperative that a strong law that criminalises torture, imposes stringent punishment for it and contains liberal provisions for those suffering torture to complain against their perpetrators, prosecute them and be compensated and rehabilitated, is passed at the earliest.

  12. This was a minor technicality [the mention of endosulfan] and we're hoping this can be addressed such that this can be considered in a special meeting this month itself," the person said. Mustard is usually sown in October and typically takes about three months to mature. In March, the GEAC had sought more tests for GM mustard in the wake of a chorus of objections to the transgenic crop and following Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan's intervention in the matter Environmentalists, farmer groups and some scientists argue that transgenic mustard poses several environmental and health risks. Included among these is a contention that it contains a foreign gene from another species, that tests so far have failed to show any appreciable gains in yield over traditional varieties and that it could, if commercially approved, make farmers growing the GM mustard dependent on glyphosate a weedicide that has been linked to cancer. Deepak Pental, who leads the mustard project at CGMCP, dismissed the objections voiced at the GEAC meeting as "childish", adding that the protocol section on what insecticides could be used was part of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research protocol. "One of my colleagues had specified 2-3 insecticides in case of an attack by the painted bug [a mustard pest]. Maybe it wasn't updated to reflect that endosulfan is no longer used and it's not even available in the market. So how can anybody use it?" Mr. Pental asked in a phone conversation with The Hindu. "These are just spanners to delay the process

  13. 2+2 to address U.S. issues on Iran, Russia (GS-2) (Page-10) New Delhi hopes the U.S. will consider the importance of its relationship with India carefully, while considering any moves to sanction defence purchases from Russia under the new CAATSA, or Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, official sources said on Tuesday ahead of the inaugural Indo-U.S. 2+2 dialogue U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defence James Mattis will land here on Wednesday and meet External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday, which officials said would be the "highest-level" dialogue between the two countries this year. * "Our hope is that the U.S. will keep in mind the strategic relationships it enjoys with each country in handling this matter," an official said, indicating that India would adopt a tough posture during the talks when the CAATSA issue comes up. There have been conflicting statements from Washington on whether U.S. President Donald Trump would give India a waiver from the sanctions mandated by U.S. law. India is finalising a plan to purchase the S-400 long-range air-defence systems from Russia, over which there have been specific objections from several U.S. officials

  14. Officials pointed out that India had "independent relations" with all the major powers and sought to dispel any apprehensions that the dialogue would have a negative impact on relations with other counties. *"We expect the ministerial level 2+2 with the U.S. will not have any significant impact on our relations with China and Russia. I think those stand independently," the official stated, dismissing comments by a senior U.S. official who said that "China will be front and centre" of the 2+2 dialogue. * However, the Indo-Pacific policies of both countries, who are engaged in a "Quad" or quadrilateral arrangement with Australia and Japan will be on the agenda, the sources said