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3rd September-Part-3:Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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3rd September-Part-3:Daily News Analysis

Rishab Arora
Graduate in Economics. Gold medal in Dissertation, Prepared various documents on Demonetisation and GST, Share-trading and many more

Unacademy user
very nice Lesson Sir... gajab
Sir, if it is possible for u than pls explain public credit registry n why it is imp..?
Rishab Arora
a year ago
Will explain in Sunday Special
Komal singh
a year ago
Ok Sir..Thank u😊
thank you sir I was waiting for daily analysis frm yesterday
  1. From the transfer of the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem to the halting of aid to Palestinians these are some of the key moves of President Donald Trump in the context of the Silence on settiementsA Palestinian Lawyer demonstrating in the West Bank city of Jan 24, 2017 Trump stays silent on Iarael's decision to approve 2.500 new settlements in the West Bank 1 2 3 4 5 Ramallah in December 2017. Moving the Embassy May The transfer of June 19. The US 6 announces its withdrawal Tel Aviv to Jerusalem coincides with bloody Human Rights Couno over its alleged bas Break from the past Feb. 15 Trump halts Washington's quest fora two-state solution, saying he would back a single state if it led to peace 7 Aug 24: The U.S, announces that it has cancelled more than $200 million in aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Aug.31: Washington decides to end funding or UNRWA, saying the organisation was the Western Wal May 22: Trump becomes the first sitting L.S President to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old Tow A LIFELINE FOR PALESTINIANS The United Nations Relief and Work Agercy (UNRWA hds been o lifeline for millions of Polestinins since i wos set up nearly 0 years g0 Dec. 6Trump says Helps in running 58 "it is time to offhicially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel breaking with the existing1948 war surrounding December 1949 by the UNThe UNRWA's schools t Assembly afterThe UNRWAS srael's creation $20,000 children became the only Holding back assistance Jan. 16,2018:Wash- ington holds back $69 million of assistance an 25: liumetin a refugees West Asia, mostly Palestian, nternational status of the more than 7,60,000 people displaced as - Ihe Lnited btaces worth hundrao mill ong cf dels te Assistance to refagees than three willoa

  2. 'Mauritius tops India's FDI charts again' (GS-3) (Page-13) * Mauritius remained the top source of foreign direct investment (FDI) into India in 2017-18 followed by Singapore, whereas total FDI stood at $37.36 billion in the financial year,a marginal rise over the $36.31 billion recorded in the previous fiscal, according to RBI data. While FDI from Mauritius totalled $13.41 billion as against $13.38 billion in the previous year, inflows from Singapore rose to $9.27 billion from $6.52 billion. FDI from the Netherlands declined marginally to $2.67 billion as against $3.23 billion a year earlier. Provisional data for the fiscal ended March revealed that FDI into the manufacturing sector witnessed a substantial decline to $7.06 billion, as against $11.97 billion a year earlier However, FDI into communication services rose to $8.8 billion in FY18 from $5.8 billion. The inflows into retail and wholesale trade also shot up to $4.47 billion as against $2.77 billion, while financial services too saw a rise to $4.07 billion from $3.73 billion in the previous year "The fact that these sectors accounted for more than 50% of total FDI of $37.36 billion in linterest in new areas i 17-18 reflects the financi l techn logies, said Assochah in a statemen places and