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Theme 2:Prinsep,Piyadassi and The early states
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The early states

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Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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I hav a doubt in even ND odd signals part. How cud I clarify it from u
mam plz provide link part 2&3...plz.

  2. Theme 2:Kings,Farmers and Towns (Early states and economies) 600BCE-600CE

  3. 2.1.PRINSEP AND PIYADASSI Most momentous development in epigraphy in 1830s . James Prinsep deciphered Brahmins and Kharosthi Inscriptions mentioned a king PIYADASSI A new direction to investigation into Indian political history Focus on connection between political changes and economic and social developments .

  4. 2.2.THE EARLIEST STATES India, 600 B.C. The 16 Mahajanapadas The 16 Mahajanapadas Some of them under the rule of a king and some under Sangha Rajas of Sangh controlled resources collectively Every mahajanpada had fortified capital Kings always required resources to maintain army,ministers etc. Kamboja . Gandhafa Kuru Kosala Matsya eMallari Vrijji ashi Vatsa Avanti Chetiya Magadha Anga . Assaka . Cities Rivers Modern Boundaries

  5. A book laying down norms for every Varna "DHARMASUTRAS" was composed by Brahmanas Ruler were advised to take tax,tribute from people of his kingdom Many rulers maintained recital armie:s . Some continued to depend upon "militia"

  6. The most powerful mahajanpada: MAGADH Reason: India, 600 B.C. The 16 Mahajanapadas Kamboja Gandhafa Kuru 1. Fertile area 2. Iron mines 3. Elephants 4. Fortified capital Rajgir 5. Movement in all four Kosala alla Vrij Kash Magadha Matsya en Vatsa Avanti Chetiya directions from the Assaka capital patliputra . Cities 6. Ambitious and Rivers Modern Boundaries enthusiastic kings

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