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Lets summarise, theme 2
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Theme 2

Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

Unacademy user
Manish Bishnoi
12 days ago
plz make course on themes part 2. u made it really easy
vry nice mam 2nd part v bnao mam pls

  2. 10 QUESTION 3 TIME 4 7 6 5

  3. KING , FARMERS AND TOWNS h anostiu. 2 Too types governmerts hat can be seer in Mahajanap adas types ot armies mention, d in stat es 4> The most pow Mahayanapa amongsk the six ten e Six teen 5) First capital of Magad Second capital ot Magad First dynasty uwhich rule on Magaolh First dynasty which establishod an Empine ounden Mawryan clynas o The ul on conurwd de kal

  4. Ashoka patronired 3 Ashoka appointeol 14 5 political centres nthoM S STx sub-commites coodlinating tary ackivites to propagate the knoledge ob dhamma aury an Empire: l one Megas the nes 16 kings SoufhInclian kingdoms 13> kongoloms that em erged in "Deccan&tsurther7

  5. claimed igh status b identi them selves ith a v aru deitie Ig) kush an a adop eo +he titte 3o) The administ ration Gupta Empire ws based on Ins cr toon inscribed in th is calleol praise o king.s 22> Sourc es used to tu . Hu histor local people 23 A techniyus u hich as used to increas e roduction in harm Lange land lo as well as villaqe head man lar e Land owne 24 2 plough 27) Slaves m en 2 ) A ood sowrre to stuoly the history the history b goo South India :

  6. 30 Beustng centre 0li tical activ, comm en cia, cultura and 31> EanQi est cons minted and used 32 First coins to bea the names o kings imag es. 33) Dynasty uoich rst godd coins 4 olo coins known or hein