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Lets summarise, theme 1
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Theme 1,one word questions

Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

Unacademy user
Anuradha Singh
a year ago
thanku kumar😊
Thank u mam... liked the way u summarised whole book through blanks instead of mcq's,,,it helps us think, instead of choosing one option among four.. and Thanks for this Aweosme course as well
thank you MAM.... ...

  2. 10 QUESTION 3 TIME 4 7 6 5

  3. BRICKS, BEADS AND BONES Hanappan Cultwre is date Jon 2) Fist site cdiscovered in Indus Valley civii's ation 3> Tenra cote models o plough hounok at sites 4 Evidunce o 6 Waten usvoirs oundDholavir and 6anawali un ploughed fielol iiz ftound at C A fganis tan) 7> 6i99est an d cleveloped urban centre is ? The settlement at Moheryodaro is divided into tuso secti ons an d 9 Roads and streut hound r patien 10 > S tes where entive settlem ent ustyortit ed at e and

  4. Lis citacdel less 12 teat Bath and Wru house ^ound which secion os Moherjodaro ? l3> centre o cr rodu ction e Ci 15 pedalised cert ves tor makna s hell objects and 6 Lapi's lazuli, a precious blu stone was ^ound at ouun 1 an 29) A civil. Saton contemporaneous to Har PPG

  5. 21 A site where longss letter ob Huappn script 22) First Directoy - Cerl the Archaaunvey 2 3) The riten "The story o Indian Arhaolyy - en eal o/ the Achat ol 24 The tevra coto ^igwiine o woomans depicted as 25 The "proto - Shira" seal s clepicted as

  6. Ho ddo an chas ol logists trace soo-economic cuifferences in H anappa soety? LINK Lesson 5 2 what aru Hhe evidences ohich inclicate that Harappanties e pre-plannedd? 3) hut eru the trategies to procure rauo mater als LINK: Lesson 4) Write youn views on "People un power or authority ot People as rulers such a big civilisation uus Still a mystery stery.