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European Global Adventurism (in Hindi)
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The monopoly in trade lead to various expeditions. The Europeans started colonising the world and fighting for colonies. The same happened in India

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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hi Rahul sir, Happy to know that you are opening paid live session. but I must say Sir it's very costly I understand that many coaching center they charged more... but sir for those who can't afford its very difficult.... please suggest what should i do
Hello friends.....sorry for the background disturbances in this video. This is rectified in rest of the series. Thanx for bearing this. Best of luck
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Don't be sorry...Abhishek sir it wasn't tht disturbing ????
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sir plz also try to make a comprehensive crash course on World history.. thank you sir...
don't worry sir..😊
don't worry sir..😊
don't worry sir..😊
don't worry sir..😊
sir please explain about marathas and rajputs!
if possible kindly make a course on world history.... it will become a single platform for entire history !! thanks
Bhai end me chips kha re the kya :P
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Tehzeeb Warsi
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sir ....peeche se bahut awwaz aati hai .... use agli bar sahi krna.... just a request
  1. Crash Course The Modern Indian History Chapter 4 European global adventurism



  4. Game of Thrones Home Team Visiting Team Mughals Bengal Awadh Hyderabad Portugese . Dutch . English (EIC) . French Britain Carnatic Mysore Punjab . Marathas Rajput.... AUDIENCE

  5. Global trade in 15th cent Global trade was monopolised by 2 major players: Italy and Turkey Which cornered rest of the Europe and lead to the exploration of new trade routes.

  6. or9

  7. Important exploration Columbus Vasco da gama * Spain . Portugal Found America instead of India in 1492 Found India through Cape of Good hope in 1498 He reached Calicut.

  8. Columbus (1492) Vasco da gama (1498) ATLANTIC OCEAN NORTH AMERICA Canary AFRICA Carreira da India PACIFIC First voyage Second voyage Third voyage - SOUTH AMERICA h voyage

  9. Portugese

  10. Portugese 1498-Vasco Da gama found ea route to india through Cape of Good found sea route to India through Cape of Good hope - reached KOCHI He was welcomed by Zamorin Kochi became the HQ

  11. Portugese from Dabul Goa BIJAPUR 1508: Battle of Chaul Mehmud Begara (Gujrat) Sutan of Turkey Sultan of Egypt . Angediva Ono Batecala 0 I.Santa Maria t VILAYANAGAR Gama's route M.dEi Mirni VS 4th Armada Cannanor1502 (Garma, 1502) Pan daran Calicu Anchorage Portugese (lost) Alfonso de Almeida Portuguese-allie Calicutallied Changan ore Port Factory Tribute Co chi 15O0 Attack Quilon

  12. European settlements in India (1498 1739) (1537) Hughli (1675 (1653) Serampore (1675) Surat (1612) Darman ( 558) Bassein Bombay(1533) Calcutta (1690) (1535) Diu (1533) o Bay of Bengal (1638) patam (1682) Arabian Sea ,' JYanam (1725) (1616) Goa (1$10) Pulicat (1600) s (1670) Madras 0 (1501) LEGENDS (1725) (1674) European settlement (with date of establishment take-over) Portuguese settlements English settlements French settlements rikal (1739) 01 (1498)C rangueba Kal 0 (1498) Cal (1620) tam (1507) ( 1658) Trincomale (1522) 0 1669 16391 4) 1673 km (1505 = Dutch settlements ={1656) Colom!by smjLANKA SRI LANKA Danish settlements 0 200 400 0 (1507) Galle (1656 Matara (1507) (1656) 65 75 85 5

  13. English 1600-1947 (CO 1599 East India company chartered 1609 Captain Hawkins came to Jahangir's court 1st factory @Masulipatnam 1st factory in Mughal empire @surat

  14. 1615 Thomas Roe was sent to Jahangir's Court Now they got farman to establish their factory in all parts of Mughal empire. 1640 Fort St george @ Madras

  15. 1662 Portugese gave Bombay to King Charles I in dowry for marrying their princess. 1698 They also got Zamindari rights of Govindpuri, Kalikata and Sutanati. This region later became Calcutta 1700 Fort william @ Calcutta

  16. Farukhsiyaar acknowledged all previous farmans 1759 Defeated Dutch in Battle of Bedara(WB) 1760 Defeated French in Battle of Wandiwash(Tamil Nadu)

  17. Battle of Plassey 1757 Defeated Nawab of Bengal, Siraj ud Daula and from this point the rise of British empire started

  18. Game of Thrones Home Team Mughals Bengal Awadh Hyderabad Visiting Team a Portugese --Duteh . English (EIC) --Freneh Britain Carnatic Mysore Punjab . Marathas Rajput.... AUDIENCE