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Daily News Analysis of July 30th (In Kannada)
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Discussed about following topics: 1. Shivanasamudra Hydro electricity Unit 2. Nation Register of Citizens(NRC) 3. Bio Plastics 4. FASTag 5. DigiYatra.

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  1. DNA OF JULY 30 2018 FOR KPSC EXAMS Presented by Shantagouda

  2. About me Engineering Graduate Cleared KAS 2014 UPSC CSE Mains 2017 . Former SAP ABAP Consultant at Wipr< - Former Excise Sub Inspector(ESI) RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND Follow me on :

  3. JULY 3oth 2018 Daily News Analysis

  4. Important Topics of the Day 1. Shivanasamudra Hydro electricity Unit 2. Nation Register of Citizens(NRC) 3. Bio Plastics 4. FASTag 5. DigiYatra

  5. 1. Shivanasamudra falls GOK Plans to develop one more generation unit to generate electricity during peak season It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri e Is the location of one of the first hydro electric power stations in Asia, which was set up in 1902. The project was designed by Diwan Sheshadri Iyer. Electricity Generation capacity- 42 MW

  6. 2.National Register of Citizens(NRC) Being developed by Assam government To segregate genuine citizens from illegal migrants. List will be published on July 30,2018 Deadline for detecting illegal migrants is March 24,1971 (Liberation of Bengal)

  7. 3,Bio plastics -BBMP recently crackdown on Bioplastic bags. It is made from natural material such as corn starch or potato starch and has a small percentage of plastic. However, it does not decompose completely -To decompose completely, bioplastic needs high temperatures and may leave behind toxic residues.

  8. This move has brought much cheer to solid waste management experts and activists in the city who say that compostable/ bioplastic bags were a grey area that manufacturers took advantage of

  9. 4.FASTag -A FASTag is a reloadable tag that automatically deducts toll charges and allows a vehicle to pass through a toll gate without stopping for the payment. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to make cashless payments through a prepaid account linked to it.

  10. The tag is fixed to the windscreen of a vehicle and an RFID antenna the canopy of the toll gate scans the QR code and the tag LANE identification number, following which the boom barrier lifts to allow a vehicle to pass through