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Daily News Analysis of JULY 22nd 2018(In Kannada)
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Discussed important topics of July 22nd 2018.

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annapurna dugd yujna
sir weekly ondu dina ondu essay na topic bagge discussion maadi sir PSI ge help aago ange (weekly ondu madudre atleast 5 to 7 essay sigutte namge).. and pls upload one model essay in whatsapp group.. please consider my request thank you..
Sure I will try provide essay santosh
Santhosh R
2 years ago
thnks lot sir
Santhosh R
2 years ago
thnks lot sir
Budget deficit occurs when expenses exceed revenue, and it is an indicator of financial receipts and total expenditure. Primary deficit is one of the parts of fiscal deficit. While fiscal deficit is the difference between total revenue and expenditure, primary deficit can be arrived by deducting interest payment from fiscal deficit.
budget deficit -when government spends more than its revenue . primary deficit= fiscal deficit-interest payments of previous borrowings fiscal deficit occurs when government expenditure exceeds it's revenue excluding the money from borrowings
Very nicely understood..
sir weekly ondu dina ondu essay na topic bagge discussion maadi sir PSI ge help aago ange (weekly ondu madudre atleast 5 to 7 essay sigutte namge).. and pls upload one model essay in whatsapp group.. please consider my request thank you..
kaladaan multimodal project Kolkata from India to sittwe in Myanmar via sea Mekong Ganga cooperation consists of India Laos thailand Vietnam Laos Cambodia and it concentrates on tourism education culture and transportation
  1. DNA OF JULY 22/2018 FOR KPSC EXAMS Presented by Shantagouda

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  3. JULY 22nd 2018 Daily News Analysis

  4. Important Topics of the Day 1. GST Council 2. 4th BIMSTEC SUMMIT 3. State Aadhar Act 4. Why is WTO facing Challenges? 5. "Udta Bangalore' 6. Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle 7. Tuberculosi 8. KPL-7

  5. 1. Over 50 products cheaper as gst council slashes rates GST Council Article 279A - GST Council GST Council Will be a joint forum of the Centre and the States.

  6. This Council shall consist of the following members namely: 1. Union Finance MinisterMinister- Chairperson 2. The Union Minister of State, in-charge of Revenue of finance - Member 3. The Minister In-charge of finance of each State Government - Members.

  7. 2. 4th BIMSTECSummit Will be held at Kathmandu, Nepal BIMSTEC Members : India, Nepal, Bangladesh Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Mayanmar & Thailand(7) Technological and economic cooperation among countries along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The main focus of summit will be to increase connectivity between BIMSTEC nations including roads, airways and transmission lines.

  8. 3. State Adhaar act About the Act Karnataka Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Fina al and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act 2018 comes into force from August 1 the DBT schemes/services of the Union gover t across the country. Once Karnataka Aadhaar Act comes into force, departments have to notify their respective Section 57 of the Central Aadhaar Act necessitates a State Aadhaar Act schemes under the Act for Aadhaar-Linked direct beneficiary transfer According to the Direct Benenciary Transter, Karnataka portal, 134 schemes from 28 ministries/departments- both Centrally sponsored and State- are being implemented in the State AADHAAR State government issues detailed circular to all departments/organisations orn how to imptement Act The National DBT portal says over 440 schemes from over 60 ministries/ departments are in Departments told not to exclude beneficiaries for want of Aadhaar. Alternative documents to be allowed

  9. 4. Why is the WTO facing challenges? 1. The WTO was formed in 1995 2. Replacing the General Agreement on Tariffs and 3. Goal of regulating trade between countries Trade (GATT) through appropriate ground rules. 4. Non-discriminatory trade Members of the WTO were supposed to adopt non-discriminatory trade practices that offered a level playing field for all businesses

  10. 1 Trade tensions WTO is currently under threat amid the rise in trade tensions between the U.S. and its major trading partners such as China, the European Union etc. 2. USA trying to narrow it's_Trade deficit: U.S. President Donald Trump is trying to narrow his country's trade deficit with the rest of the world, particularly China. (The trade deficit is the amount by which the value of imports into a country exceeds the value of its exports to other countries.)