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Daily News Analysis- July 5(in Kannada)
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Detailed analysis of news - July 5

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  1. DNA FOR KPSC EXAMS Presented by Shantagouda

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  4. ISRO's first 'pad abort' test successful The Pad Abort Test demonstrated the safe recovery of the crew module in case of any exigency at the launch pad. 1. 2. The technology is critical for human space missions 3. The Crew Escape System is an emergency escape measure.

  5. HEFA to allot Rs1 lakh crore for education 1. The Union Cabinet permitted the Higher Education Funding Agency 2. It is to fund research and academic infrastructure in higher educational 3. HEFA was set up last year as a NBFC for mobilising extra-budgetary (HEF A) to mobilise Rs 1 lakh crore institutions by 2022 resources for building crucial infrastructure in Central higher educational institutions In the existing arrangement, the entire principle portion is repaid by the institution over 10 years, and the interest portion is serviced by the government by providing additional grants to the institution 4.

  6. Union Cabinet clears DNA profiling bill The DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2018 allows: 1. Law enforcement agencies to collect DNA samples 2. create "DNA profiles" and special databanks for forensic-criminal investigations. However there was opposition, in that some activists argued that it constituted a violation of privacy. Several clauses of the Bill were tightened to make it stronger and immune 3. 4. to data abuse.

  7. Karnataka to survey farmers outside institutional credit system Government will launch a survey to identify farmers who are outside the ambit of the lending schemes of financial institutions. Of the 74 lakh farmers in the State, about 24 lakh have been found to be outside the institutional credit system. While there are 22 lakh farmers availing loans from the cooperative sector, around 28 lakh are availing credit facility from nationalised banks. Incidentally, 54 lakh farmers in the State fall in the 'small and marginal farmer' category with landholding of less than five acres. 1. 2. 3. 4.

  8. Farm estimates Quantum of agricultural loans Crop loans taken from both cooperative taken in the State .2 lakh crore sector and nationalised banks 50,000 crore Number of farmers familles In the State 5% 74 lakh 1 Number of farmers using institutional credit 80% Average About 50 akh of the loans taken fronon-performing the cooperative sector assets in cooperative are under 1 lakh institutions

  9. Police Reforms Article in Prajavani Problems with existing Policing system:- 1 Political control of police by the political executive, 2. Internal management systems are not fair and transparent, 3. Policing efficiencies have decreased in terms of their core functions 4. Public complaints are not addressed properly and police accountability is comparatively less. 5. Low conviction rates. 6. Huge vacancies 7. weak law and order in hinterland and rising lawlessness

  10. Reforms/Committees The National Police Commission appointed by the government in 1977, 1. "There has been no comprehensive review of the police systenm after independence despite radical changes in the political, social and economic situation in the country"