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Daily News Analysis - July 10(In Kannada)
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Detailed Daily News Analysis of july 10 for KPSC EXAMS

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  1. DNA OF JULY 10/2018 FOR KPSC EXAMS Presented by Shantagouda

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  3. Today's Important Issues Arogya Karnataka, Regulation of Betting, Institutions of Eminence(IOE), N.Gopalswami Committee Open Court System & Live streaming Court Proceedings, Dipa Karmakar: First Indian to win gold in Gymnastics World Challenge Cup 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  4. 1.Arogya Karnataka, O The universal health coverage(UHC) scheme initiated by the State government, O Scheme Covers Primary, Secondary & Tertiary healthcare, Primary healthcare can be availed only in primary health institutes (PHI) run by the state, secondary care treatment would be made available at private hospitals only if the said treatment is not available at government hospitals. O Tertiary healthcare services can also be availed at designated hospitals. While all patients falling in the below poverty line (BPL) category can avail treatment free of cost, those in the above poverty line (APL) category would have to foot 70% of the treatment charges for tertiary care while the state will pay the rest.

  5. 2.Regulation of Betting The Law Commission of India, has recommended legalisation of regulated betting and gambling activities, asserting that a complete ban has not been returning the desired results Merits of Legalization The commission, headed by former Supreme Court Judge ,Justice B.S. Chauhan, O As a means to increase revenue and deal a blow to unlawful gambling, Lodha Committee), O The money generated can be used for public welfare activities Demerits of Legalization O The socio-economic and cultural circumstances of the country are not pragmatic to accept legalised gambling activities, It is still treated as a social stigma In order to save the future generation from treading unethical paths, no kind of gambling should be permitted.

  6. 3. Six universities, including Jio Institute, to be 'institutions of eminence' O An empowered committee, under former Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami, recommended these institutions. O The Centre plans to offer 10 government and 10 private institutions the coveted status to enable them to break into the world's top 500 in a decade and into the top 100 after that. O Six higher education institutions, including the Indian Institute of Science IISc), Bengaluru, the Indian Institutes of Technology at Mumbai and Delhi, and the proposed Jio Institute of the Reliance Foundation, have been named Institutions of Eminence (IoE) by the Centre.

  7. Advantages of having IOE Status Q These institutions will be permitted to admit 30% foreign students Hire foreign faculty to the tune of25% of the total faculty with no restrictions on fees charged from them, Enter into academic collaborations with the top 500 global universities without UGC approval. O They will also have full flexibility in evolving curricula and syllabi

  8. 4. Open Court System & Live streaming Court Proceedings "Open court' system, where the public can walk in and watch court proceedings with minimal security requirement. DOnce we accept live-streaming( to go live on camera), it would be a virtual open court. We will effectively enforce open court concept.

  9. Merit of Live Streaming Court Proceedings O Live streaming is only an extension of the open court' system, D With court proceedings beamed live on air, litigants, law students and the pub lic can watch them as they happen. O Would help litigants follow the proceedings in their case and also assess their lawyers' performance People from far-flung States such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala do not have to travel all the way to the national capital for a day's hearing. Live stream would keep a check on lawyers' conduct inside the courtrooms With the entire country watching them, there would be fewer interruptions, raised voices and adjournments from the lawyers. O

  10. Issues of Live streaming Proceedings Live-streaming cases involving national security concerns, matrimonial disputes and rape cases raises concerns DA public viewing of marital dispute and rape case proceedings would seriously affect justice and amount to a violation of the fundamental right to privacy,